What are the keys to Saskatchewan defeating the Eskimos Sat?

Well first off, we all know how difficult it has been for our Riders to win in Edmonton lately..

for whatever reason, we seem to just choke.

  1. Overcome the Home Field Advantage (Grass field.. Esks have proper footwear)

  2. Stop coming out flat!

  3. Maintain and create time consuming offensive series, make the Eskimos have to play desperate ball.

  4. Get over the Commonwealth "curse"

  5. attack and get your hands up against Ray, as well as don't allow him to run up the field.

  6. Don't overthrow your receivers.

  1. Put pressure on Ray
  2. Establish a running game

The difference last week was that Ray manhandled the Riders in the 1st half, offensively the Riders didn't play poorly whatsoever. The Eskimo's always toss the short passes, you have to do something on defense to disrupt that and force Ray to hold on to the ball.

Sure tackling on those underneath routes.

Let him hit the 3 yd passes all game. Take away the YAC yards, and their stuck. When they're making the 1st and 2nd man miss, and getting 15 yds from each of those passes -- you're dead.

Dont forget about the 68 yard short TD pass at the end of the game. Those are killers as well. :rockin:

Score more points than them.

Get physical on the recievers. Jam them or do anything(within the rules of course) to delay their routes. Crossing routes take long enough to develop as it is. Hopefully we can get more pressure on RR and yes tackling is a big one..

Try running the ball to the right side of the formation for a change. It's a shame we killed the play where Dressler cuts in front of DD to either take the sweep or play action with the option to give it to Cates or throw it. There is no reason we should be seeing that play 5-6 times a game. LaPolice has made strides this year opening up the playbook but you can't start relying on those types of plays. I know it is hard with all the weapons we have on offense but I would like to see Cates get the ball more on swing passes and down the field. The last couple games he has looked better but to me it still seems he is missing that burst to get through the line and although he was never overly fast he seems to be getting caught trying to get outside to the corner. Also, it doesn't seem like he is breaking the tackles he was last year...do you guys think his shoulder is still bothering him that he can't stiff arm or shake tackles like he was last year?

As for Durant..keep doing what he is doing. Don't force stupid throws, using his mobility when he can and keep making good decisions and don't turn it over. I just wish he had a little better handle on the long ball but that will come as he continues to progress.

Edmonton came into our park and won 2...time to go get one back in their park! Don't think about the past!! It's all about September 26th!! GO RIDERS!

  1. Leave Durant in Regina.
:roll: ...and start who?

A huge Key is our Special Teams.

The Riders have improved greatly with the addition of Kit jones, and the return of Hughs and Mitchell from injury.

Of course Jason Armstead. back from the dead he is our game changer. ..........." He ... Could ... Go ... All ... The ... Way".....

Yup , this is the week JA brings one back to the promised land...

We have to establish long drives
keep Ray off the field