What are the keys to beating Monrteal?

I realy think it's as simple as how well our two lines perform.

  1. Need pressure on Calvllo

  2. Protection for Casey and a bit of blocking for Jesse will do.

Seeing the flashes and inconsistent play of this year's Ti-Cats leads me to believe that they can beat any team if they all come together in one game as they did agaisnt the Argos.

Remember that game and all the optimism that followed?

Seems like a lifetime ago.

Yes that the Think with young Team
They'll make a lot Errors.
But they Will be Fighting for Every Inch

  • Casey has to play
  • Jesse needs a big game
  • Luck

Cap'n: I think you are missing some key stuff.....here's my answer:

better coaching, better game prep, better play calling, better O-line, fewer dropped passes, better pass rush and more motivation.
Same as we have needed all along.

Just watched the game on TSN.CA, where the Cats were driving, and got to the Edmonton 5 yard line before Casey went out with an injury.
It is 2nd down, 1 yard to go, with Williams in.
Now - 99% of the time you are pretty certain to get 1 yard on a QB sneak. So they try something else, and lose 4 yards.
You telling me this isn't a coaching issue?
Want to know how to beat Montreal? Replace the coaches.

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I dunno. As others have pointed out, we were one play away in the very late stages of two games that should have won games for us.

Sakatchewan's lat minute 60 plus catch and run play, and Woodcock's catching the ball out of bounds with seconds left.

Presto, 3-2 and first place in the east.

Very winnable games.

Points off turnovers/special teams.

Use some more screens and flare outs to the rb's to stretch things out a bit.

The O-Line and the D-Line. You win games in the trenches and we appear to lose this battle every game (with the exception of the Toronto game).

8) Try adding some new plays to the playbook !!! How about something real innovative such as a draw play, or a screen pass !!!! :roll:

On D- Getting to Cavilo is an understatement, (if they could take him out of the game ,without serious injury it would level the field.) but since that's not something we do, How about Spying his go to receiver, Ben Cahoon, put Zeke on his tail all game, and mix up the coverage so they cant isolate one db. ON O- Get the Ball in Lumsdens Hands . On S.T- How about a couple reverses in each half to keep their cover team Guessing??

As someone who knows the Als pretty well, I would say the key is to hurry AC. If he has time, he is going to pick you apart piece by piece.

The Cat QBs have to move the ball around in the pocket because the Als have been shaky against mobile QBS.

Putting Zeke on Ben, dunno about that...is Zeke that good on coverage? Montreal is too deep at receiver to key on one guy.

The real way for the Cats to win...??? Jesse has to be alot more effective that he was on opening day. I think that if Jesse can be stopped, you gotta do it before he gets into second gear, and in June thats what they did.

The Als are fast starters..better stop them early, stay in the game and keep Jesse a factor.

Should be a good game...with a little luck, the Cats could be 3-2, the Als 4-1. The battle for 1st....cool!

Sorry guys but I dont think this team is as close as we all thought or hoped it would be.I know that none of us want to admit it but this Obie's 1st season and it's gonna take time.So Iam afraid it's another case of hurry up and wait.Too bad because we see how weak our division is.

  1. Beat the snot out of AC.
  2. Use the run, and don't give up on it.
  3. Score more points than them.

Mr 62, this all sounds like pretty good advice to me. Our offense and defense have looked pretty vanilla, and we often appear to be getting out-coached. You can't just keep doing what won you one game because everyone has seen the film.

To beat Montreal:

#1 Find a way to hurry AC, give hime time and we are sunk
#2 Use the one back set less, or use it as a decoy.

I don't think we will see either of these things, and hence, I expect we will lose.


It probably looks like Williams will be starting.

Keys to winning this game. Well prepped game plan. Like many have said Coach Taaffe`s coaching style is to play " not to lose".

It`s time the cats started playing more aggressive. Playing to win, maybe taking a few chances. Especially on offense. Most teams know were going to be conservative.

Throwing a few more screen plays to Lumsden and Smith. Were 1-4. It`s time to take some chances and stop playing so cautiously.

  1. A little bit of protection for our QB...Casey or Ritchie...

  2. Our bread and butter....go back to the RUN!!! I thought maybe it was extinct last Friday...

  3. Don't give Cavillo anytime to think!!!

  4. A whole lot less stupid penalties....

  5. A Ti-cat bounce.....

For Montreal, it starts and ends with AC. The Cats need to get him off his game because if he has time, he will kill you. Given the changes to the D-line, I'm not optimistic.

An Argo-Cat fan

Two words

I think we'll win if:

  1. The idiotic play calling stops. Game winning points can't be left on the field....and conversely for the defensive coordination (see: loss to SSK).

  2. We get an average performance by everyone.

Sadly, this game will be won or lost on the sidelines.

A decent pass rush wouldn't hurt, either.