What are the dispersal draft players doing for your team?

what are some of the dispersal draft players doing for your team? are they making any key contributions? are they even still on the team?

in the case of the bombers,the dispersal draft players that are making the most contributions are obby khan, and val st.germain (both 1st round)obby khan is gunna be an all star canadian olineman for years and years…and st.germain has already been an all star canadian…both have been playing tremendous

henri childs was one of the very last picks, and will be a very deppendable backup for C.R, but for now, he will be playing as a reciever

even tho kyries hebert was not picked up in the draft, he would have if it wasnt for his legal problems, and now that thats been settled, hes been a key addition these last few weeks, and has been solid on special teams

Pat Woodcock has been playing better each week, and Collier was cut

...Tillman said that the Bombers won the dispersal draft big time......i would have to agree with him....so maybe Mr. Taman ain't that stupid.... :o

Well, I'm an Als fan, but even I have to admit that if you're going to pick a team that 'won' the dispersal draft, the Roughriders have to be at the top of the list. They got Kerry Joseph AND Jason Armstead, who have done nothing but be TD-scoring machines for the team and give them a big-play threat that they've been lacking since Burris left. I think Winnipeg did very well too.

My Als didn't do too badly. We stocked up on defensive players and guys like Kai Ellis, Dwayne Taylor, and Jerome Haywood have been solid for us. We also signed Greg Moss but cut him in training camp.

Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, and Hamilton don't seem to have fared as well in the draft. B.C. gained quietly with Korey Banks -- even though he doesn't have any INTs yet, he's stabilized the Lions secondary.

i have to correct u..korey banks had an int in the bc win over toronto on saturday :thup:

...i believe Banks picked off one against T.O. last game...but has been playing only av erage since going to the leos...Kai Ellis ...good pick and is working out well for Mont. but as a Bomber fan i would still pick Obby Khan overall...this guy is an all-star ..and better still ,Wpg. is already talking contract with him to lock him up for a long time...he loves the Bombers....and the Bombers are VERY HAPPY with him :rockin: :thup:

Dont forget the impact Greg Marshall has had on the defence......technically not a dispersal draft pu but he is here because the Renagades are not.....

Noted. :slight_smile:

Frankly, I think INT stats are overrated anyway. Yes they can be game-breakers, but what about the DBs who are so good at coverage that opposing quarterbacks never even try to throw their way, or don't have any completions throwing their way? That's as important to me as interceptions.

yup, a few years ago when Malcolm Frank brought 5 INTs to the house, it was because alot of QBs thought he was a wink link, and were throwing his way.

Exactly the point!! That's why Korey Banks and Richard Karikari don't have the pics this year they had last year....QBs know now to stay well away from them. Players who lead the league in interceptions one year RARELY, if EVER, repeat that.

Best pickup has to be Winnipeg getting Greg Marshall. Hamilton got Paopao as Offensive Coordinator, and Winnipeg got Greg Marshall as Defensive coordinator.

Blue Bombers win hands down.

lol, Paopao. Why the heck did Hamilton ever sign this guy? He was a terrible coach in Ottawa, and is a terrible coach in Hamilton.

The Argo brass completely botched the dispersal draft. They passed up the chance to get a much-needed Canadian starter for the o-line (Val St. Germain), instead trading the pick to Winnipeg. They cut their first pick, Marc Pilon, who is now backing up in Hamilton but does not appear to be long for the CFL. The only players they have left are backups, non-import WR David Azzi and import RB-SB Sean Bennett, neither of whom has done much of anything.

Nice to see my Gades doing well in other cities. Too bad were going to have to start all over again, if/when we get a team again in Ottawa. :cry:

i guess our two players we pick up from Ottawa are not doin to bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Sask won the draft hands down.. of course they had to lose Corey Holmes to trade up in order to win, so if they hadn't come out on top, it would have been the last move Shivers ever made.

As for my team.. We got Cam Yeow.. who was doing ok.. but now he's hurt. So... :expressionless: