what are the chances??

what are the chances of us to make the grey cup? seriously

like to say very great, but ......everyone needs time to cope and bond so i dono.....

we are on par with everyone until the begging of the preseason. We still have a great chance.

…concentrate on making the playoffs…then anything can happen…it dosen’t hurt dreamin BIG though…CUP appearance would be nice…specially in your own back-yard… :wink: :arrow:

I think it’s fair to say, don’t expect much, this year is going to be a rebiulding year…not…
Coach already said,one of his his conditions of employment, is not to use that cop out excuse…
Still, it’s going to take some games to gel…but when the post season start’s, I think the boy’s will be there,

Well it wouldn't be a huge suprise if we make it. But it will come as a shock. We need to rebuild our entire defence and work the offence in a different fashion. Offensively we can make it. defensively we still might struggle. And we All know the saing "Offence wins games. Defences win Chapionships." I think we got a good hope in making the playoffs and then we go from their. And Look what Tom Higgins did rebuilding the Stampeders.

well our offence is decent not great but decent, but we need to start working on getting sum key players, if we wanna get close to making the post season we need guys like banks to int, and simpson to tackle. Our defence really sux and we need to start working on it.

they lost as many games as they won last year by an average of like 3 points, its not like they were being blown out, they could have had twice as many wins last year as they did.......the playoffs are not out of the question this year but it would be a stretch to think they could be in the GC...

Very well Put Pigseye

I have a feeling the bombers will finish 3rd or 4th in the west ahead of sask and/or bc


Esks123, are you still hungover from GreyCup? Even with our O-line as bad as it is, we won't be that bad!

sporty again these Bomber fans forget they have no QB that is worth playing. Their team is Roberts and Stegall after that it is a toss up ha ha ha

I have a feeling BC will lose Dickenson for a good part of the season to an injury(and especially since they may be losing singh). Although Pierce did look impressive this past season I don't feel he is ready to lead a team to victory for many consecutive games. Then again, I may be proven wrong. If BC is able to secure a stable o-line they will no doubt finish ahead of the bombers. Guess i just didn't explain myself, sportsmen.

No, I think you made a good call their esk123. :wink;

Winnipeg will either get the third spot or cross over to the East.

Ok are u still drink from gettin g beaten by Edmonton in the Conference Finals or what. I think u've gone mad RedWhite. No QB in Winnipeg. Glenn loses composure in the pocket under pressure other then that a is a good QB. And have ou not heard of Wynn this gu will be huge when he gets his shot. Unfortunatley he sat under Glenn and Michna this past season. but he a very good QB with alot of good skill. And then on top o fhtat Glenn and Wynn will be fighting for the starting spot. This means that if they 1 doesn;t perform he's ou of the picture. So I think the Bombers are just fine with the QB siuation, we just have o have our QB' prove themselves to the rest of the league like Dickenson, Ray, and Maas have already done.

....looking at the rest of the CFL. teams right now ....I would say the Bombers....have the best 1-2 punch at quarterback ...Glenn and Wynn in WINNipeg...without a doubt... :wink:

Actually, being the optimist that I am...Dickenson is DUE to actually complete a full season! Even with Buck Pierce in, we could still beat the Saskatchewan's, the Winnipegs, and the Ottawa's.

if i only had an O' line.....does that sound like something from the Wizard of O' Z.....Sportsmen I have to say that we did improve ourselves in that area last year...same guys due back this year....and if the Lions don't improve big time on the o line....I wouldn't bet on D.D. having an injury free year....goodluck...

Glenn and Wynn? Wynn's only played like 3 games. I'm trying not to be biased but i seriously think the best one two right now would be edmonton with Ray and Mcmanus. I would then take BC with dickenson and pierce.

....Ray and ol' Dan McPick.....not a chance......Wynn ...if he ever gets the full opportunity to do his thing....has a lot more going for him than Pierce....he might even snag the Bombers starters job.....that adds up to the best tandem in the league in my book...you have your opinion esks123...I have mine.... and the next season should prove things out... :wink: