What are the cats doing ?

If OBIE knew he was going to dump all the contracts of Printers ( 370 k ) , Miles , Thomas, Moreno, Patrick, Woodcock , Lumsden , Cavka, Woodard, Anthony , why would he not have tried harder to snap of a dlineman with CFL experience that we so need ....

If we once again have a bunch of castoffs or rookies on the DLINE then things will be the same as last year. We also need at least one veteran reviever too to help the QB out when he is in trouble .

i think it may be the case that OBIE just doesn't have it anymore . I mean that trade involving Moreno , the handling of Printers and Lumsden in the we got nothing for both , the inability to get a decent experienced Dlineman , Linebacker , Olineman and Receiver , and the overpaying of Kenton Keith .

What gives here ? Is he losing his mind ? sanity ? or his he not allowed to spend ?

There are a few exceptions like bringing in Otis Floyd and Gauthier but we need so much more . Now we seem forced to trade for a dlineman and I hear he is thinking of trading our prized canadian reciever ready to blossom in Bauman to winninpeg for olineman goodspeed .

Attention OBIE ...we need some dlineman now before training camp that have CFL experience and this canadain guy from BC is not the answer .

We can't stock up with arena league and nfl europe castoffs as that has already proved no to work . I don't think i even so 1 set of downs last year where we had a sustained pressure on any QB .

How old is Joe Montford and Tim Cheatwood now ? :slight_smile: Kidding

Also why not bring in Dominiquez as our primary experienced reciever it's worth a shot is it not ?

With the printers situation he did the right thing. How many times must we watch this guy screw up and get injured b4 people stop worshipping the ground this guy walks on? Yes he was amazing in B.C. but people do lose it. Casey Printers wasn't very consistant as a quarterback at all here in fact, most fans cringed watching him go onto the field with the offence because you know he's gunna do something stupid or just wrong. Quinton Porter has what it takes to get the job done at starter. Despite our garbage o-line last season he managed to pick up and win and quite a few very very close losses. He wasn't phased at all by the o-line letting him down. Quite a few of those games we could've had thanks to Porter's poise and awareness in the pocket. The defense always seemed to bend in the last 5 minutes of a game tho and allow the opposing team to get the game winning score. Printers is done here, obie made a great decision by releasing him becuz i no we're all tired of watching this guy blow games for us because he was good before in B.C. so that means he should eventually be great here. News flash: Not worth it to wait till this guys last year in the CFL to find out he doesn't have it anymore, fans are tired of being the bottoms of the barrel team.

I agree it was right to get rid of him but at the end of the day he basically got nothing for our 3 best players in Lumsden , Printers , and Moreno.

A wise manager may have traded them earlier before they bottomed out or became a free agent .

I wouldn't have traded moreno fro anyone other than Wake .

i would have traded printers half way through the season last year while teams still felt he could bounce back . I am sure the Argos or SASK would have went for it .

in my eyes OBIE needs to show he can obtain some Dlineman and recievers with CFL experience .

In the case of Printers and Lumsden there was zero value for them at any point in time. How can you trade a guy is on the injured list for the rest of the season and free agent? Printers with his salary and being often injured I don't image there was any takers. As it appears now that is correct he is free to go anywhere and noone is biting. Moreno was the only one with some value but in an 8 team league there may of only been one team who had interest it comes down to supply and demand. Dominguez is not going to sign here or anywhere else but Sask. so whipe that off. There wasnt many quality free agents out there and there isnt many guys who i think honestly want to come to Hamilton. With the revolving door of players who have been in here and the number of good free agents who have came here to have their career die can you blame them for opting elsewhere. In terms of Jesse again he was hurt no interest and I think it was also pretty known in the leauge last yr he wanted Edmonton that there was no point. Hamilton needed a high quality proven back so they had to pay for kk. its not that obie has lost it its he is trying to do the best in crappy market to lure players and our stars havent been of the highest quality and have been something noone wants a part of. Frankly i think this team is gonna be bad for a long time just for the fact its not an attractive place for players to play unless we over pay.

it is easy , I suppose, to critisize Obie for the "moves which brought nothing back". But remember this is a 8 team league...it not like you can make a trade with alot of suitors....Jessie (although i love the guy) was holding the offence back...he has not proven he can last a season and his inconsistancy hurts the team, no one was going to trade for him when he was about to be a free agent and publically said he would shop around. Printers has not been worth the $$ and just doesnt at all look like the player he was...who is going to trade for an over priced prima donna who has become a reclamation project, And although the scenario surrounding Zeke was odd for sure...I was convinced after 4 games last year that he had lost it....I do not wish him ill (hold on..yes i do , he is an argo now) but the guy made a sharp decline in pursuit speed and closing ability..the two areas in which he previously excelled...I look forward to him looking at the back of Keith and Calley as they run past his old butt...I have been a huge Obie fan...but he has not lost his sense...I think he has limited options.

dont worry obie did not get stupid over night he did the only thing he could do with JL he knew when they offered him a contract mid season that he was not coming back at the end of last year that was Jl doing.
hell yes we need help on the o line and canadian talent is great.
casey printers was a joke from the minute he opened his mouth here in hamilton " get your popcorn and pretzels hamilton and get ready for things you aint seen before theres gonna be bombs over bagded"
So in a nutshell jl didnt want to be here and cp was none of obies doings he is left to clean up a mess left by Mr. Desjardin
relaxe were gonna be fine in 09

Where are all the fans who were so high when we got OB as our GM?

So far I have to give him D, he would have got a C for not trading Moreno, or at least getting something tangible this decade. And a B if he had got something, even a draft choice , for Printers, And an A if he had worked out something so Jesse would still be here OR got something in return- a Canadian OL or DL starter.

And an A+ for all of the above - he also has to clean up mess from previous regime.
but wait- OB is really only into his second season as GM, let's wait and see how the team looks going into TC, coming out of TC, and end of season standings.

But it is way too easy for us to handle this, like moving checkers; we don' t know for 100 % sure the salary and salary cap issues, we don't know the locker room chemistry, or all the "intangibles".

Let's give Obie this season.

If you want a CFL experienced D lineman, you have 3 options:

  1. Develop one on your own team
  2. Trade for one
    or 3) sign one as a free agent.

From the tone of your post, it sounds like you think option 1 will take too long.

If you are in favor of option 2, what do you think Obie should give up for one? Where do you want weaken us to improve the D line? Bear in mind that we are well positioned in the draft coming up, so it is conceivable Obie may already be planning to package a draft pick in a trade for a D lineman.

If you think Obie hasn't done enough for option 3, you need to look at the CFL free agent tracker:


To summarize the current state of CFL free agent D linemen:
10 D linemen were potential free agents.

3 re-signed with their teams before the deadline.
Alain Kashama, was released by us.
Matt Kirk, was signed by us.
Tearrius George was in the NFL with Dallas last year, and recently signed in the NFL with Miami.
Brandon Guillory is in demand, and is pursuing potential NFL options.
Jon Oosterhuis is a 31 year old Canadian with 2 sacks in a 7 year career.
Eddie Freeman is a 31 year old import DT with modest stats.
Devone Claybrooks is a 31 year old import DT with slightly better stats. Marcel Desjardins of Montreal says Claybrooks is asking for more than Montreal is willing to pay.

That accounts for all the D linemen on the free agent tracker. I think it's unrealistic to think we'd sign Guillory until he's explored all his NFL options. Maybe you could make a case for pursuing Claybrooks, but on the whole, there's not a bumper crop of free agent defensive lineman this year, and Obie did sign one of them already.

Would D.J. Flick not be a better fit? He was my favorite receiver with the Riders. Would you guys not want him back? I would rather take a chance on a guy recovering from a broken bone than one who has had 3 or 4 Knee and ACL repairs.

If Flick isn't signed because of doubt about his leg, maybe he should go to the Arena League for a season to road test it and if his leg proves to be good to go, he can come back to a pretty good offer by a CFL team.

My guess is you are not a player agent.
What team would you like Flick to sign with in the Arena League?

I vote for the Philadelphia Soulessness in 2009. LOL :wink:

Maybe the AFL will be back in 2010. A BIG maybe.

Oski Wee Wee,

i agree that we need a solid reciever to help bauman and prechae out, flick seems like the best option to me. i also wonder why obie wasn't prepared to resign lumsden if he knew printers was going to be released. i'm sure we could've spare 75,000 + incentives to keep him. he's the face of the team and the guy that kept the fans coming back. i haven't heard about this possible bauman trade with winnipeg, but i'm strongly against it. bauman has been solid these last two years and 2009 will most likely be his break out season

Yes, those trading Bauman rumours I dislike. He's been slower off the mark in developing than, say Fantuz, but I do think he's got oodles of potential, and there is no way I'd trade him for an import lineman. Now if Saskatchewan took leave of their senses and were willing to trade Fantuz (a Chatham boy) for Bauman (a western boy) straight up, I'd sure consider THAT trade!

Devon Claybrooks was a solid defensive lineman with the Als in particular against the run and the Ti Cats have the opportunity to secure, via the Canadian draft, a defensive lineman from the U of Laval who stood out last year in CIS football. Go for it Ti Cats. Despite being an Als fan I will be cheering for you guys next season. I believe that getting rid of Charley the coach was a smart move. Watching him on the sidelines last year he appeared to be disgusted with his team [ and we know his heart was in the USA]. I will be cheering for your coach in particular because he is a Canadian. I hope he has SOLID assistant coaches to help him out.The Ti Cats fans are the best and, I do hope they will have one of the best teams this year.