What are the best game time events / promotions

Not a very serious topic but I was curious what other teams do at the games during the breaks in action (TV timeouts, between quarters, etc.). What are the most popular events at your stadium?

For example, at BC Place I think the most popular event is “Catch to Win”: the BC Lottery Corp. puts up $5000 as a prize for a fan to catch 3 balls fired out of a “punting” machine. The person has to catch balls from 40, 50, and 60 yards to win. There seem to be 2 or 3 winners each year.

Other than that, some of the events are amusing (Subway sandwich building contest using large foam ingredients) and some are lame (a computer animation of a race between three Hummers).

In The Skydome We Have A Computer Generated Rac Between Three Slices Of Cheese, Blackpepper Jack, Chedder, And Swiss. The Winner Cycles Through The Rotation Each Home Game. Nobody Useally Pays Too Much Attention To It But One Day Two Years Ago I Heard One Guy A Few Sections Over Screeming At The Top Of His Lungs "Swiss" Like He Had A Large Sum Of Money On The Results. That Made Me Laugh So Hard So Now Everytime That Race Comes Up, And I'm Piss Drunk, I Tend To Get Really Into It. Aside From That It's The Same Garbage As Everwhere Else, "Guess Which Sub The Footballs Under" And "Answer A Trivia Question To Win"