What are the Alouettes' plans for Jesse Palmer

Do you think that they intend for him to be AC's successor? Or, do you think that he will be dangled as trade bait in front of the other teams? I just can't see him staying next year if he is any lower than # 2 on the depth chart. Here is a crazy thought: What if the Alouettes end up releasing AC regardless of what happens Sunday? They would surely be under the cap for next season with still most of their team intact. :wink:

If the Als are smart they will designate him as second string but use him in game conditions during the regular seson. Despite the success of BC and the EE,QB’s are still hard to find.Palmer started in some games with New York and had a seasons in college ball-good enough to be a forth draft choice!If the Als have this year noted his progress in weekly drills and put him in the line of fire with Calvillo in 07 they should be able to make a reasonable assessment early of his skills and respond accordingly.They can use him as an active second stringer and give him the playing time to develop.The Als have never had an adequate second string QB.Calvillo is not getting younger and the development of someone to succeed him is imperative. It would be great to have a Canadian QB and perhaps Palmer will be the person to convince management to realize than Canadians can indeed play this position.

will win 3 strait Grey cups one day... For now, let us celebrate the Als 6th Grey Cup ring against the felions this sunday!!!