What are suppose to be good attendance numbers for the CFL? I am new to watching

I am new to watching the CFL, and I am having fun learning the game and the players, but I am worried the league might go under due to supposedly “low attendance.” I thought 17,000 to 25,000 attendance numbers would be good, but according to these form posts they’re not.

It depends on who’s playing, and where - and the weather. Toronto, Montreal, and BC have problems getting 20,000 to attend, but the others don’t seem to have as much of a problem, with most of the western teams getting over 25,000 on a regular basis.

Don’t worry about this league surviving, worry about the people who want it to go under and make posts to that end thinking others don’t know better.

I don’t get into all the minutia of attendance numbers and ratings and all that jazz. It’s a fun league, and there’s nothing else really going on in the summer except boring sports like Baseball, Soccer, Golf and Tennis.

Let’s not get into denigrating other sports, they all have their fans and those things are interesting to them. There are enough people trolling the CFL sites that we don’t need to do the same.

Let’s take what you said for the simple truth of it. It’s a fun league with players that are damn near the top of their profession playing mostly for the love of the game. There are few entitled millionaires in this league to turn people off.

So let’s just enjoy it, like you meant, and see the positives instead of this constant dwelling on the negative that some post here (not meaning you Vermonter - I miss the cheerleader thread, especially the Felions) which doesn’t help anything or improve the enjoyment.

For East division teams, stadium capacity is something like 22,000-25,000, so I’d say that attendance numbers in that range are good.

For West division teams, capacity is larger, from 28,000 and up to 50,000+. Numbers in the 27,000+ range are good for those teams (30,000+ for Edmonton and Saskatchewan).

All of my posts are “IMHO” obviously.

Attendance #'s thru week 6

#CFL attendance 2019

#Argos 16,734
#BCLions 18,058, 17,026
#Alouettes 18,673, 16,137
#RedBlacks 23,453, 20,426, 21,536
#Ticats 22,287, 22,407, 22,921
#Eskimos 25,263, 24,016
#Bombers 25,336, 24,187, 25,350
#Stampeders 26,301, 25,130, 23,355
#Riders 30,121, 29,147, 31,602

Grover you have one game to many listed for the Cats (their 4th home game is tomorrow night vs the Bombers)they’ve only played 3 at THF thru week #6 . You also only have attendance figures for the Argos home opener . They have played 2 home games to date with the 2nd being the game versus BC . Besides that everything else seems to be correct .


But the athletes playing in the CFL are not just near the top of their profession, they’re at the very top if we define that profession as specifically Canadian football which is different enough from any other game to be viewed as a separate and unique game in its own right. Just as softball is a different enough game from baseball that they can’t be lumped together, Canadian football is different enough from American football that they can’t be lumped together. Same sport, but a different game.


Corrected bobo thanks,
The 2nd TOR game had no posted attendance #'s on the game tracker in the League Schedule.

Got to disagree with you at least to a degree. Yes there are some unique rules - but the bottom line is that most players you were watching on the field tonight in the Bomber - Cats game are football players who their entire lives played the 4 down American game. That is until showing up at training camp here and weeks later are on the field playing in the CFL.

Some mid-season call-ups might only have a handful of practices and then are on the field playing in a CFL game - having never played one by those rules before. So the two are certainly similar enough that players can step in and play after a few practices.

To say that any player in the CFL is at the ‘very top’ of the game when in some cases he will have never ever played a game by those rules before - and can do it well - to me that screams the game is football.

I like the analogy used if we had a pro fastball league instead of the MLB isn’t the elements the same for both .

Some fastball pitchers can throw at MLB speed . So all the other elements are there that are similar but the field is smaller , the ball bigger , 7 innings and the pitching motion different .

So with three downs instead of 4 , larger field , motion in the back field , field goal sticks different . one more player doesn’t it have similarities to fastball and hard ball games .

So if they received players from the US that were not on MLB with no minor leagues who never played fastball wouldn’t that be similar in the CFL situation . The fundamental elements are the same but the rules create a version of the game that is at the top of there level . Hitting and catching should be equal but different just like the CFL versus NFL versions .

Well as far as attendance, I think the cfl is making a huge mistake with these Thursday night games, as the attendance clearly shows, the games need to be more geared to the weekends when people Aeroflot and don’t work the following day. This is so simple I can’t see why they can’t figure that out, duh !

The most concerning numbers to me are the Alberta teams so far. Both teams have been pretty good on the field and to be below 25k when they’ve historically been at the top the league is concerning.

I agree with you. If TSN’s wish is to have Thursday night games the attendance numbers will suffer. TSN needs to help out here next contract or move the start date to something better suited to draw fans. Not saying its terrible but it could be better.

League needs more QB’s in development adding an additional one on each team. Also could mandate equal playing time from the QB’s during preseason. They need reps and they aren’t getting much. Poor playing teams don’t help to increase attendance or viewership. The build up and drama for last nights game was there, curious to see if TV numbers also increased

WPG @ HAM last night

Capacity crowd


and to be honest, it didn’t feel any more than usual.

whether the stadium has 18K or 23.5K, it always seems to be the same.

lineups to get in, bathroom, food/drinks, etc.

THF just seems to “fit” the crowd in.

What exactly is “Aeroflot?ing?

I’d be interested to see the Thursday night ratings vs. Friday and Saturday afternoons. That may be the answer.