what are doing to pass the Time to the Season starts?

I know we all can't wait till June
The CFL Off-season is longest off-season of all Pro Leagues
I hate the off-season
For me I can't get Enought football .
NFL CFL ect ect

I will be watching the NFL Off-season Including the SR Bowl and Combine.
I am greatfull for NFL Network
I join Madden league and won a league title in my 2nd season.
I also Enjoy Playing Goalline blitz
Goal Line Blitz is a web-based American Football MMORPG.
If like to try it send me a PM and Give you the info .

I am also working on getting my LV 2 coaching papers.

what are you up too


  The new stadium debate is keeping me busy enough! <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Wii Fit Plus lol.

I'm doing the boxing so that I can beat up on any one who annoys me at the stadium this year. :lol: On a side note, I'd seriously recommend the strength exercises for anyone who has knee or hip problems.

I only really watch the NFL because my boyfriend's team is still in it (Go Saints!). I watched the playoffs and will watch the Super Bowl.

Other than that, I'm pretty much done with sports until Training camp except for the odd few minutes of hockey here and there (Go Habs!) and I'll probably watch the Olympics.

swimming surfing waterskiing .. NFL games ..NHL games ... lots of fishing ..watching Henry Waszczuk on his fishing show .. then theres the Daytona 500 ..and omg theres so much to do here during the CFL off-season

Playing football with my friends, watching NFL (why do the Bills have to suck?), NHL (Why do the Flames have to suck?),
the odd basketball game, starting new franchises on Madden 10 and bringing rundown teams back to respectability, getting owned in online play, etc. Oh, also checking for Ticat updates every day, always looking to see if Obie's made a blockbuster move yet :slight_smile:

Besides shoveling snow, I'll be watching the superbowl ,a little hockey, I'd watch lacrosse but I don't get tsn2.Some baseball I taped from last season, it sure is nice to see sunny skies and green grass when it is snowing and cold outside. :smiley: NASCAR when it starts. Of course if I get to antsy for the Tiger-Cats I can put one of the many games I have from years past.

watching the last half of the Grey Cup???????

I'd be counting the days till camp, if I knew how many. So.......

Drink Beer :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

2 skiing trips
Florida trip
Bulldogs hockey home and away
NCAA March Madness
home repairs
open cottage in May

People who limit themselves to only one pursuit are really in need of help.

cutting wood
drink beer
feed cows
drink beer
boil maple syrup
drink lots of beer
return lots of emptys
training camp should sart buy then

Maybe they don't have time for more than one.

Or the money.

Since it only takes 12 hours per week to view every available CFL game and there is no additional cost to viewing alternate programing on TV when not viewing CFL football I find the last 2 suggestions rather ....... um ....... silly :lol:

Maybe some people don't want to sit in front of the TV and watch sports their whole lives.

OK then I'm sure there are a thousand things people can do BG. Walking is free. Cycling is nearly free. Volunteering is free (although most volunteers spend their own money at times). Reading is free and stimulates the mind. There are a multitude of activities one can enjoy so that the pursuit of only one isn't only unnecessary it actually harms the individuals enjoyment of life and possibly even contributes to early aging. ...... Just sayin' ......

I see what you're saying. I don't think ANYONE on this thread said they limit themselves to ONLY watching CFL football.

True enough, so why are you making it a big deal?

I didn't get the impression that anyone was making a big deal out of anything. . . I thought much of this thread was rather tongue in cheek. . .

So did I. I guess it's not always easy to interpret someone's real intentions over the internet.