What ARe Chances Of Getting Grey Cup Tickets?

I see they've already sold 20,000 seats for Toronto's Grey Cup. Season ticket holders get first dibs on the ones that are left. I've checked these ticket broker websites, and these guys want 300 bucks for the upper deck near the roof!

I live in London, about 100 miles from Toronto, and me and about 7 other people have decided we want to go to the Grey Cup next year. Anybody hear about ticket pricing for the cheaper seats, and if there's much if anything left?

Just my luck that we could have went to Hamilton Grey Cup a few years back, or Toronto, when tickets were plentiful. But the year we finally decide to go the bloody thing is a virtual sellout 10 months before the actual game!

I could be wrong but ticket brokers are a fancy name for scalpers!

Wait until they go on sale to the general pop. You should not have a problem if you order early.

also check this out

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=13882]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=13882[/url]

They have got to be kidding.
$569 and you could end up in the ednzone!!!!!!!

For the nosebleeds, you're looking at $169 (plus taxes & Ticketmaster's cut) for sidelines, and $89 (plus forementioned charges) for end zones. That'll get you in for the GC only. For the lower decks, which include a ticket for the Vanier Cup the Friday night before, $255 are for 100-level end zones, $309 for 100-level sidelines, and then $529 for the 200-level. However, I heard the 200-level seats include access to an exclusive pre-game tailgate.

Argo season ticket holders have their say until the end of February. Everyone else gets their next shot on March 1st. Although, I think if you signed up on the waitlist ( www.cflgreycup.ca/toronto ) you get a crack at ducats before the rest of the general public.

Thanks for the info.

Talk about pricey...I think I only paid $95 for my tickets for the final, and my seats are in the Gold zone...wish I could remember how much I paid in '05...

I remember paying $279 for my seat at the '04 GC in Ottawa: about 8 rows from the field at the 50 yard line. Sure, it ended up being behind the BC bench, but I still wore my Argo colours that night.

You can bet that the most expensive tickets are mostly gone when they sold 20000 tickets on that one day/weekend sale. Not that there still arent expensive tickets left but if they sold that fast then they must be priced right. Cheap tickets are available and I will sit in them gladly.

I paid 25 bucks at Tim Hortons for my endzone seat at Grey Cup 96. How times have changed and for the good I believe. They couldn't sell enough before, now they are scapling and are viewed "pricy". League has a bright future.

That 20,000 was the one-day public sale numbers only. As far as I can tell, the tickets scooped up by Argo season ticket holders are not included in that number.

I guess Torontonians are too used to Maple Leaf ticket prices.

Maple Leafs? I hear the RAptors try to charge 800 bucks for courtside seats.

What a deal eh? Paying through the nose to have these giants spraying their sweat and saliva all over you, while the sweet aroma of sweat fills the air.

Leafs, Raptors, and the soon to debut Toronto FC... all of them are owned by the same company: Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. They're about as bad as sticking it to ya for ticket prices as Ticketmaster is in leveeing service charges.