What an unorganized, uninspired mess

That was just awful. It's like back to the beginning again. Ridiculous penaltys, bad play calling and poor execution. I feel despair.

Agreed The offense wasnt prepared for the Als defense. The D played well but zero pressure on Cato. If the Als wouldnt kick to Banks the special teams should have sent the house after the kicker on every kick instead of setting up the return

Unprepared to even play a professional game is more like it…did the coaches take the week off?..Well send comment!

Don't think you can fault the D at all. They absolutely stuffed the run and pressured Cato all night. If you hold a team to 17 points, you should win more often than not.

Garney: Your thread title says it all.

If that is Crompton or Willy back there. Hamilton has four of five sacks by half time. The kid is just that good.

Cato is good, but with Tracy or Norwood in there instead of Sam Scott, it would have made a difference. This will become apparent later in the rematch at THF.

I also think that Ed Gainey now needs to be replaced...he was torched by Fuller in Calgary, and now Stamps in Montreal...I have had enough, and I'm sure Steinauer has too.

At least the Cats called a timeout with about 1:15 left to play to save some clock time and they did get the ball back with a realistic chance to move down the field. Clock management has improved but that was pretty tough to watch. Too bad the football plays kept getting in the way of the penalty flags.

Playing like that they'll get their QB's killed. Poorly planned and executed game, I'm sure the refs are home resting their flag throwing arm. F!@#$% frustrating game. :cowboy:

The D did keep the points total below 20 and the offense should, at least, generate more than that to win. Three fields goals alone will get you there (past 17).

Good point.

And remember the bad field position that the offense left Orlondo's group with on a number of occasions.

Those guys torch every DB in the league...

I was surprised that Hamilton didn't sign Tisdale. He would have been a huge upgrade over Gainey.


Can't cover with the new rules. With the amount of DPI penalties he'd wrack up, he would be too much of a liability.

I guess we will see how he plays for the Riders. For myself I'll take a DPI a game over getting beat over and over again.

We did not deserve to win this game, but we almost did. If not for the penalty to Grant on the Banks TD or the drop by Sinkfield in the end zone. I hope he doesn’t get cut for that. He’s made some great catches so far and should be utilized more. And yes Kent, we need a running game. I suspect Grigsby would have been able to get those short yards that we turned over on downs. My suggestion to Mr.Austin is swallow your pride and ask Mr. Grigsby back.

Good post Garney 26.

I believe the layoff early in the tear hurt the Cats in momentum after winning the game against the Bombers and decisively the Tiger-Cats came out flat last night against Montreal.

A 17 to 13 win by Montreal is not a huge win but still a win and especially after the Cats had many opportunities to score again but didn't the team looked flat in comparison to Montreal who were more aggressive to win.

The Tiger-Cats had two games so far after three games played that should have been wins against Calgary and Montreal, hopefully they will correct all their mistakes and get back to winning games instead of losing?

What was with Pete Dyakowski last night, what 4 times if not more called for procedure. early movement?? Get that fixed or get him benched!


And who us going to take his place? Give me a break. The guys been a rock on the line for as long as I can remember. Yes, he had a horrible game but everyone has a bad day every now and then. This is the first time since he started playing here that I can recall his name called so often in one game. I guess you never have had a bad day at work.
If you do ever have one, I hope your employer doesn't dump you immediately.
It's easy to sit at home behind a computer and be so critical.

Agree DCF and the one replay that I saw of Stamps catching a long pass it was Harris and Butler I believe who were covering him as closely as they legally could. Even good DBs (or D players) are going to give up a play or two to very talented receivers from time to time. Green, Fuller and Stamps are all hard to cover.

Lenny I guess that's why you failed in life so much?