What an jack ass

Dad Takes 2-Year-Old Daughter Longboarding | Watch (msn.com)

Guy should not be allowed the care of any children including his own

No helmet on the girl, damn

Even with Helmet, still too dangerous


Agreed, the man is a total idiot.

when your ego is more important than your children

the person on the scooter (presumably) in front filming is complicit.

He didn't have anyone take that footage, that moron was not only risking his daughters life while skateboarding, he was also filming himself with a selfie stick


Even back in the 20th Century we knew that whacks to the head could lower a person's cognitive abilities a few points. Fun Married With Children factoid - Kelly Bundy was a brainiac sometime just before episode #1:

"Al reminisces about how the incident where a Japanese car cuts them off and he has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it, and a young Kelly, who always has her head in a book and has learned things that her parents have no clue about, hits her head and suddenly becomes an airhead."


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stupid editor or whatever it is.

I try to make a proper title using A instead on AN and it gives me the following

Title seems unclear, most of the words contain the same letters over and over?

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That's okay. Next time just stick to the 'US keyboard' configuration. When you accidently click on 'FG keyboard' you wind up in Forrest Gump mode.

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There are many of these idiots out there. I've rode motorcycles for just about 50 yrs and everytime I see someone riding their bike with some 3 or 4 yr. old kid hanging on behind them I cringe, one false move and that kid is lying on the street.