What an incredible time for Canadian sports

Over the last 4 months or so, Our Canadian sports have been so fantastic,
I can't remember the Canadian sports landscape being so successful.
Habs to Stanley Cup Final
Womens Gold medal Olympic Soccer
Canada's overall success at the Olympics
Mens and Womens tennis success
Blue Jays on a great run for a playoff berth
CFL is alive and well
It has been an incredible run!
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Yes, it has been an incredible year sports wise.

Add in the Women's Hockey team winning Gold against the U.S. a couple weeks back.


And the Canadian men's soccer team having some early success in the final stage of World Cup qualifying. Beat El Salvador 3-0 earlier in the week. Unbeaten so far.


โ€ฆand just last week I shot a round of golf under 100!


How could you overlook Damian Warner we can say that he is the greatest athlete in the world, winning the gold at the Olympics.
Or the fastest man in the world over 200m Degrasse.

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Finally mastered that damn windmill, did ya


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โ€ฆI canโ€™t break 100 on that course

Think that would fall under Groverโ€™s list โ€œthe Olympics.โ€

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Watched an interview of Warner on the TSN LDC. Football is his first love. Track Athletics was a fallback for him. If I'm a CFL GM, I'd offer him a CFL contract right now

I think he will earn a lot more money through endorsements and appearances. Why would he risk injury.
I think he earns a lot of money in Europe on the professional circuit

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I found an onion ring in my French fries while playing NHL on playstation

That was an elastic :hugs:

It ain't about money now since he won Gold in the Decathelon. He sound very upbeat talking about his football past. His final comment before the interview ended, "Talk to my agent.". Sound like he willing to listen to an offer

The elastic was in my calamari that the waiter told me was part of it