What An Idiot

Not sure this merits a new thread, but it will probably be put to use on future occasions.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 13h13 hours ago
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Welcome to the city. One more reason the #Als will have difficulty attracting free agents in the future.

Jovon Johnson @Mr_Consistent_2
Montreal traffic is by far I REPEAT by FAR the WORST IN CANADA! I just spent two hours in traffic just to get food! It’s 11pm for gods sake!

Like our brilliant Als reporter actually believes traffic will prevent free agents from signing here. I guess he`s never been to Tor. or Vanc.

Seems the only way he gets satisfaction in a job he is stuck with is piling on the team. He must be in his glory with the team currently struggling. I often wonder if he is such a hotshot why he hasn`t gotten further in his sports journalism career.

Sad, but not surprising coming from Herb. Traffic in Montreal is bad but that’s life in most big cities. I guarantee you it’s worse in Toronto (can’t speak for Vancouver, have only visited) and here in Atlanta, traffic can be nightmarish. Let’s not even get into places like Chicago that have crippling infrastructural limitations that actively work to make traffic even worse.

But sure, this is some big problem unique to Montreal, Herb. Right. :roll:

The guy was still super-negative even during our glory years winning B2B Cups with Trestman. He feuded with Popp for God knows how long and never missed a chance to take a shot at Don Matthews. :thdn:

Matthews who didn`t suffer fools would have nothing to do with him.

Yep. It’s sad because it’s not like Herb doesn’t have some ability. He can write good player profiles when he tries, and every so often, he manages to ask a relevant tough question instead of ambulance-chasing. But it’s harder and harder to find the quality in his writing these days. Evidently he’s taking the path of least resistance: innuendo and negative spin, instead of digging for the real stories.

I was thinking along the same lines last night while watching the Republican Convention coverage on CNN.

First we get to watch someone speak for 15 minutes to the assembled convention - sometimes inspiring, sometimes totally boring. Then we get to listen to 10 talking heads explaining to us what we just heard. This arrogant network assumes its audience was too stupid to understand.

I feel the same way about most newspaper sports “reporters” - and I question what value they are adding to our appreciation of the game we love. In most cases, they add nothing, and that’s why newspapers are losing readership, shrinking up and disappearing.

The last Alouettes game was a complete dud. We don’t need a reporter to tell us that the team’s morale is low … and it might be due to traffic congestion.

His spelling and copy-editing are atrocious these days, too. Frequently you’ll find misspelled, inapt, or missing words in the opening paragraphs of his stories. Hard to take a journalist seriously when he can’t even make sure his copy looks professional.

He’s not wrong. Quebec’s infrastructures are third world. Getting around Montreal is about the same as New Dehli.

I cant defend Montreals current traffic situation and have never been to New Delhi.

But I`ve driven in Boston during the Big Dig, in Manhattan, been stuck on the Lions Gate Bridge in Vanc., the 401 & Don Valley in Tor. Every big city has its traffic issues.

And if Herb thinks Trevor Harris chose the Red Blacks over the Als because of traffic well…

Exactly. And unlike a number of other big cities, Montreal has excellent public transit. I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy for single drivers in their own cars creating pollution and gridlock because taking the metro is beneath them. :thdn:

Can’t disagree about the state of Montreal infrastructure and our chronic inability to like, pave a street. :oops:

However, Toronto traffic makes Montreal pleasant in comparison. I was at an ‘airport’ hotel in Mississauga a few weeks back. It was a $50, 1.5 hour taxi ride to Pearson airport at suppertime. Completely jammed.

Correct, and Montreal has a decent amount of electric vehicles - in fact half the EVs in Canada are located in Quebec.

There is a new taxi service - Teo taxi - which features 100% electric vehicles. You can see the green and white signature cars here and there, they are hard to miss. They will pick you up from, and drive you to, Trudeau airport in a Tesla, complete with Wifi and courteous service, for the same price as a regular cab.

Montreal is jammed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I was trying to make my way from Brossard to Magnan two summers ago on a Sunday late afternoon. Hit every bridge was closed, then backtracked my way to Jacques Cartier and got in line for 2.5 hours. Left 2 hours before dinner meeting and arrived almost two hours late. Took over 3.5 hours to do about 20 to 25 KM.

The Airport roundabout has been under re-construction for TWELVE YEARS. Quebec government is the biggest joke in this country. Drivers pay the highest registration, highest drivers license and highest fines in the country and the money is diverted to grease the goons and don’t get injured or killed on a Quebec road cause you will get to deal with most corrupt arm of the Quebec government: La RAAQuet !

Oh, during the WEEKEND! Of course everything is closed down: The Turcot interchange, the Champlain bridge, the Mercier bridge, the Bonaventure expressway and the Ville Marie. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but this makes me wonder.

Day in day out however, TO traffic is worse. Sorry. And God forbid you try to get on the 407 to save some time, that will cost you $30. TO traffic is so bad that TO drivers make Montreal drivers look courteous and safe in comparison, that’s because they’re permanently stuck on a highway somewhere and they’ve lost their cool 10 years ago.

I’ve lived in both Montreal and Toronto and my experience has been that daily traffic is worse in Toronto. I agree that Montreal being mobbed up makes weekend driving a nightmare if you’re not on the island. But it still has nothing to do with the CFL. Every city has its challenges. Montreal has a lot to recommend it and if free agents are spurning us over traffic, they’re idiots and we’re better off without them.

Absolutely. There isn’t another city in Canada where you can get a clean two bedroom appartment for less than 600.00
Great mass transit system
Great nightlife
Great entertainment all summer
Best value in fine dinning maybe in the Western world.
Still great fashion retail, no longer world class but still better than you’ll find anywhere in Canada.

Negative is terrible infrastructures, below veterinarian health care, Dirty corrupt cops, socialist government.

Oops I think that one belongs in the ‘plus’ category :wink:

Yeah, socialism is fine with me. I like having social safety nets and my taxes going toward the community, rather than into the pockets of billionaires. Corruption is the issue, not socialism.

The COuillard government is not socialist! They have cut just about every service, and have put the axe to many pension funds.

But they voted themselves a raise. Your right they are more like communists :slight_smile: