...The Bombers better have a gut-check at half time cuz this one wreaks....what a pitiful effort on both sides of the ball....Grey Cup appearance...what a joke....with play like that first-half..they'll be lucky to make the play-offs...lol... :thdn:

second half certainly got better.....maybe we'll have enought to catch these guys yet....quite a swith-around....Berry must have had some kind words at half-time,, :lol:

They got better because Montreal was thing about the after game beers and girls after the first quarter. They knew they had already won this game. When Wpg got the interception they woke up again and then kicked Wpg's but all over the field once again. Glenn plays like a CHICKEN, Coward scared to take a hit. Bean plays like MR Bean the goof with the TV show. Berry's offensive plays are getting old very predictable. Defense is highly over rated. Calvio ran through them what a joke! Punter can't catch a ball! I predict 5 & 13 and that is being generous. They will be 0 for 4 to start this year. Too bad Milt you should have retired. Maybe you can ask for a trade? I'm thinking of becoming a Rider fan as at least they are fun to watch.

Two big problems, no game film on the Als (the second half adjustments were effective), and no intensity. Nobody on the Bomber defense was hitting, they also look slow and out of shape. Talk about a wake call. Berry better starting working these guys hard in practice because they need it.

Only week two, plenty of time to get their schat together.

MTL was the better team that game, no one can fight that, but wpg did make good adjustments. They seem to have a ok coaching staff but this game could have been alot uglyer really if MTL would wrap up on defense. something they need to work on also. Great games guys and good luck the rest of the way.

It actually did have some excitement down the stretch. Gotta hand it to AC, the old guy still has some wheels and the desire to win.

Hopefully the coaching staff can get through to the players and remind them that it takes more than just showing up to win the game. The Lions will be a good test next week because they are reeling too!

Well that's pathetic... It is one thing to be unhappy with your team (I think everyone is at this point) but get some loyalty.

Same thing everytime the Bombers lose games. The real problem is the head coach! how is Doug Berry a motivator? All he does is yell at his players..... do you see any other coaches do that. You have to breed confidence in your players to bring confidence out of your players. No wonder Troy, Flemming, Pikula, etc. etc. cant get into a groove. If the quarterback isnt doing well he would rather tear the player a new a ss then say c'mon lets get out there next time and get it done.

No game film on the Als? I don't mean to rub it in, and I respect the Bombers, and I have enough experience to know that 2 games do not mean a season.

But, the Bombers played the Als in the last preseason game. True, those games mean next to nothing; but the Als were still practising their playbook. And, the Als played Hamilton last week and the game was on RDS and TSN, in HD on both networks! So, their was some film... Besides, the Als had no more or no less game film than the Bombers.

But, I grant you one thing; the Bombers were on a short week (they played last Friday, the Als last Thursday). This could have had an impact in studying the game film.

Hey, I'm just going off what AC and Simpson said after the game about new plays and no film on them. That's not to say that AC and the offense didn't also execute to near perfection, which they did in that first half.

We'll just have to wait and see how the rematch goes, no.

The Argos were embarrassed this week as well against Hamilton..could it be that perhaps the hard fought week one contest between Argos-Bombers left both teams a bit drained going into week #2?

That, and the Montreal nightlife for the Bombers, according to Berry's latest spin.

Coach Berry is not the problem. Do you remember Jeff Rheinbold and Jim Daley ? They did not believe in yelling at their players and look at their results. They both had an easy going cavalier approach to coaching. And I would add that Rheinbold is the worse CFL coach ever. Do you remember all the talk that he was the best motivator ever.The real problem is that we just don't have very good players and that is the result of Brendan Taman.