The refs really stuck it to the Lions tonight ....

Cheap shot on Geroy when he was on his knees. Nothing like letting the stars get pummeled.

Stamps OLINE may as well play with velcro on their gloves, since they hold every play and get away with it.

Stamps slots get a free pass on offside all night. The Lions weren't getting called either. Then, on 3rd and 10 with 90 seconds left, the flag pops out on an iffy call at best. Did someone decide to get involved in the outcome?

Then there's the absolute magoo call of the night with the pass interference on Banks. That was HORRIBLE! Forced the Lions to go for a TD instead of the field goal to tie it. Only thing worse was the lack of explosion from the Lions fans - a little booing but that was it?

Higgins should have a busy time after tonights amateur performance!

I think Banks might have held/slowed down Rambo when he made his cut inside and the flag was thrown. It just looked like it was thrown for the end of the play which was clean.

I agree with you on the Banks call - there was no PI there. As for the rest - I didn't see anything that was outside the normal spectrum of CFL officiating.

As for Geroy, yeah he took a shot, but when it comes to cheap shots, and the Lions are on the receiving end, alot of folks are just gonna think "Well, turnabout is fair play....".

A lot of people are saying the saying thing about the call on Banks. He is even on horrible, game deciding calls.

These calls even themselves out over the year, wasn't it Banks that should have been called for pass interference against the Bombers when he got that interception in the endzone?

Very bad call by that side judge, boo :thdn:

My question about the call is that the only real contact I saw occurred before the ball was thrown. Banks appeared to hook his arm around him as he was running his pattern, but there didn't appear to be anything in the way of contact as they were going for the ball. Shouldn't that be an illegal contact call, rather than pass interference?

I think everyone in BC Place stadium was kind of in shock after the Banks PI call at the end. I know I myself was cheering the Lions stopping the Stamps on 2nd and Goal when all of a sudden a flag pops up in the secondary. They showed the replay on the big screen and it seemed like most fans were confused as to what the call was?

I didn't see any contact whatsoever. To make that kind of call with a few minutes left (or at any point) in my opinion is garbage, but that's the way it goes. Lions didn't really play well enough to win but we certainly didn't need a bogus call at the end to cement the loss in the books.

I wouldn't mind watching the replay of the Banks PI call again just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

They called pass interference and not illegal contact. If he slowed down Rambo when he cut inside, which I don't think he did, that should have been illegal contact given the ball hadn't been thrown yet.

RLR like I said the refs make judgment calls. The one on over turning Rambo's reception is puzzling as well but accepted by this Stamp fan. The video showed no conclusive evidence that he was out of bounds but it was over turned. As fans we have to let the refs do their job.

I believe that is why he was called not at the end of the play. But again the refs have a better view on the field and they make the calls not the fans. Complaining at this point ( example: Armour's exjection) does little to solve the issue. It is frustrating for sure but again we do not have the luxury of the view of the ref on that particular call.

(teamname) loses + imature (teamname) fans = REFS SUCK

It was definitely a questionable call with a couple minutes left in the game.

Another thing I thought the refs missed a TON of last night was the Stamps O-Line holding Wake and Johnson all night long. I can’t count the number of times these two were held with the refs looking the other way. Very disappointing.

I’m not saying the Lions lost because of the reffing, but I believe the PI call on Banks was extremely questionable.

Ah RLR funny now your coming out with excuses. I figured you would show your true colors sooner or later. And it seems much sooner.

What are you talkin bout RW? RLR said he didn't think the refs won the game. I believe the Stamps deserved to win too, but that call was brutal.

LOL yes those refs are terrible making your LIons lose yet again and be in bottom place LOL sniff cry (use crying towel).

Well can you see what the ref saw? Are you in power to throw a flag? Is the game not over?
What about the game in Vancouver last play and the stamps recover an onside kick to win the game and the ref pulled a boner of a call. Yup it happens but in this case good old banks had a hold of some jersey before the end of the play.

I have to agree the call on Banks was bad.

Exactly the way I saw it too BD, but even that contact looked like hand fighting between the two for position, either way you slice it, an "unnecessary call" imo.

....the ref had to be on the list for eye surgery....either that or he was delusionary...where the hell that penalty and flag came from...one can only guess...brutal////// :thdn: