What am I going to do?

1.The 3 guys I've been sitting with the past 4 years have decided to pass on seasons tickets.
2. I was put on shifts last year and wasscheduled to work 7 of the 18 games.
3. I couldn't give the ticket away on several occasions

So should I renew the 4 tickets and try to convice the other 3 to reup?
Should I cancell?
Other suggestions? (my wife won't go andmy son workseven worse shifts than me)

I'd like to go but unlessI can work something out in lot J to find someone to sit with (Woody is someone I met under a different moniker) I think I'm out of luck

I would think by your name you should convert some friends in Cats fans. Or tell those guys to come out. Through my experience games are much more exciting when there is a packed house instead of an empty one.

Sorry but those guys aren't comming back andI've used up all of my salesmanship skills over the years on really bad teams. Nobody I know is going to get tickets if they don't already have them

Everyone's choice whether they want to go to games or not. I just hope the TiCats stay in business because I don't like the prospect of Hamilton not having a team in the CFL.

Sounds like everything is working against you as far as enjoying season tickets. Shift work makes it tough. I would just get tickets as games come up that you and a buddy or better half could attend.

I can relate to your problem. I used to by seasons tickets and go to the game with a few of my friends I have known for years. I now have 2 young kids and live close to London, so after the poor performance 2 years ago, I did not renew my tickets.

I went to a couple of games last year and either bought tickets at the gate, or from scalpers, and sat with whichever friends still show up. One of my buddies who lives closer and is still single still goes to most games.

I would just suggest you either buy the occassional ticket, or get a flex pack and go when you can, but I know this is not the same as going to all the games with good friends.

I hate to say it, but it has really become tough to drive over an hour to the game, only to feel like leaving after the first quarter. I also don't feel the atmosphere is the same since everything has gone up in price. I understand you don't want the stands full of drunks, but now there are a lot fewer people even have a beer or two.


Buy a flex pack and go to the games that don't conflict with your work schedule.

You could share season's tickets with someone if you wanted to go to half the games. I am trying to do that now, but if I don't succeed, I might be interested.

In fact, maybe someone should start a thread on that.


A thread on it might be useful. Right now I'm at a loss to find someone

let me help you here.being a shift worker say no to season tickets,too many missed games.
what you do is for each game you can attend you head down to the stadium on gameday and find one of those nice young men selling tickets on the corner.come gametime they'll give you one for ten dollars.now you go into the stadium and sit yourself down in those nice platinum seats.something tells me thats where the empty seats will be. enjoy the game.

Never going to happen. May all scalpers rot in He**

No girlfriend?

i think they prefer "ticket speculators"

Nope and my wife hates football :roll:

And I prefer scum of the earth

Too bad. Sometimes all it takes is one Cat game and they catch the fever.

Some people dont even sit in seats, they just walk around glad handing as many people as they can run into and sometimes peek up at the scoreboard...

why dont you give that a try?

Or stay at home. Then call in to rant on 5th QTR. Then post things like "boycott" etc.

I want to watch the game or I would spend my money on a ticket first of all. I may start tailgating (I'll have to figure out who to hook up with because I walk and can't take anything I can't bring into the stadium) If I can figure that out I'm sure I'll find someone willing to sell me extra tix face value from time to time and maybe have someone to sit with to boot

get a different wife for the football games.