What alt/retro uniforms should the Als wear as their 3rds?

The Alouettes have worn a lot of alternate looks over the last decade, curious as to which one the fans would want as the permanent 3rd uniform?


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I actually liked the white helmets and wouldn't mind seeing them again, but the 70's uniform is just way too attractive to pass up. I do NOT, however, want it to be the main uniform, nor do I want our current logo replaced.

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can agree with that!!

Agree with you Piggyman on the 70’s uniform. :thup:

yes I agree with the 70's uniform that marv levy introduced. but would just like to see the 60's white uniform once more. that uniform with the #28 streaking on a long long TD romp was I thought the best ever!!

Obviously the 70's uniform should be the 3rds, probably the main. Odd that the Als would buy new blue helmets and blue and red sleeved uniforms for just one game last year. Maybe they plan on using them again this year.

I would love to see the blue helmet/blue jersey with red sleeves and white numbers...All-time GREAT look! I think this should be their home uniform!

1960's white uniform with red winged helment!!

Anyone heard which 3rds the Als will wear this year? Or will there even be one?

Don't the Alouettes wear two or three alternates in a season? Last year they wore their black jerseys, alt blue jerseys and retro jerseys. They even wore those white helmets for two games! I guess the thinking is - why choose between a few different looks when you can wear em all!


I liked both the 60's and 70's uniforms. What about the early 1970's with the green jersies, white helmets with the bird head outline?

Have now heard and read the Als will wear the black jerseys and also the 1970's blue and red retros with triangle logo at least once this year. Confirm?