What Als team takes the filed Nov 22 (and Nov 29!)?

The Als have had another stellar and record season including the most wins and the most points by a FG kicker. Several receivers had had their mandatory 1000 yards of receptions as well. All in all, a very satisfying season.

However, we have also seen over the last ten years or so, that the Als can also come out flat on the Big Day. The 1000-yd receivers drop easy passes, AC’s timing and/or accuracy is off, DBs give up several big plays… All of this begs the question - after a two-week layoff, which can be a blessing or a curse, which Als team takes the field on November 22, and again, hopefully, on November 29? Good Als or bad Als?

I sincerely hope that they will put some variety into the running game, not just smash-mouth football up the gut, but rather sweeps, options, well-executed draws, using both Carter and Cobourne. For the passing game, more roll-out options, quick releases…etc. All defensive teams know that AC is a stay-at-home pocket passer; they will rush accordingly. No QB when rushed or forced to make a hurried throw is effective. Also, depending how the game is going, I wouldn’t hestitate to put McPherson in. With AC, if the receivers are all covered, it’s either a sack or throw it into row 6. Result? - a series of two-and-outs. With Adrian, he can cover ground via the overland route and keep the drive going. This keeps the D honest. Predictability in a one-game-winner-takes-all is deadly.

For the D, they will have to make whichever opposing QB they face uncomfortable with effective pressure on the line and from the secondary. They will also have to vary their looks and go man-to-man and zone. Keep 'em guessing, right?

What say you?

A major factor that makes this year's edition of the Als different than other years is that they had a strong record against western opposition. The only game where they were totally outclassed was the 33-19 loss to Edmonton. This bodes well going into the Grey Cup.
The defence only gave up 310 points this year (14 were surrendered by specialty teams), far less than the 2002 team which, face it, won the Grey Cup for Montreal. I have faith in them.
Another important difference this year is the second-half performance. In 2008, against the better teams, it was hoped the Als would have enough of a lead to withstand an inevitable opposition comeback in the second half.
I believe, in these circumstances, bringing in MacPherson to spot Calvillo and keep the opposition off balance is not a good idea. The key is to keep AC in and mix up the play selection. I've been particularly impressed with Andrew Hawkins and would like to see him flaring out of the bacfield more often. He's an entertaining outlet receiver.

Agreed. With the exceptions of the defensive let-down against Hamilton and the Winnipeg game, the Als were never really blown out and remained competitive. However, as AC goes, so go the Als. I think we both agree that the key to success is to keep opposing D's off balance, particularly by beating any pass rush they can muster. With enough new looks and good execution, there will be no need to spell AC in the game. Knowing that McPherson is available, however, is reassuring.

What I'd be looking for, in preparation for the East final, is Tim Burke sitting down with Shea Emry.

The past couple of seasons, I was somewhat critical of Chip Cox and Diamond Ferri letting their emotions get the better of them and taking bad unnecessary roughness or unsportsmanlike penalties. They seemed to have corrected that for the most part this season.

Burke needs to encourage Emry to do the same. Over the past few games, he's taken a few of these kinds of penalties, so Burke needs to get him to control his emotions a bit better.

I agree....
He has taken some really stupid penalties. And not ones that could have gone either way

Als had a great season and will be in the big game, but the big game wont be easy, i think the best team to fight them hard would be the Riders, especially if they meet up it will be a home game in Calgary for the Riders making it difficult for anthony 13th man really makes a diiference. if these two teams meet its going to be a great game and close. :slight_smile:

Als have to win the East final to deserve the right to go to the Grey Cup, the Ticats are no joke, they've improved consistantly throughout the year. Rottier,Bruce, Cobb, Stalla, Glenn, they've added pieces and worked methodicaly at it all year and should the Lions upset the Ticats they always cause the Als problems and I suspect as long as Buono will be their coach, this will be the case.

Maybe...but the last time that the Als won the cup, they beat the Eskimos in Edmonton. That being said, they fell to Calgary on their own turf last year. Would be a great game against the Riders though, I agree, but HfxTC is right, they need to get there first and it won't be easy.

I hope you're right, because Saskatchewan didn't really play Montreal that hard this season, especially in Saskatchewan with the 13th man :twisted:

Indeed. Remember Cahoon's catch of the year? It was against Riders in Regina.

you must have forgot the last time they met the Riders almost made a comback and since then have really improved, if Anthony does not play well the Als have problems Riders have depth at QB which is good going into the big game, I hope they meet :slight_smile:

A.C didn't play like A.C in the 2nd game against Saskatchewan. He had a little under 200 yards if I remember correctly, and they still managed to score 34 points. I think MacPherson added to the depth of the QB position with his playing time. Can make a lot happen, as much as with his arm as with his feet.

I really hope Montreal plays Saskatchewan in the Final. If Montreal is to lose another Grey Cup, I'd rather see Saskatchewan win instead. For me, its kind of hard to not like Saskatchewan :thup:

Good luck

:thup: Ryoon right on :)

I think coach Trestman will make the difference with is second year experience in the CFL, the guy knows how to prepare his players and the Als have so much dept . And that with no matter who we face


Really improved? i think they have showned themselves to be hot and cold the last few weeks, Als have showned they can beat anybody on any given day.

Riders have depth at QB which is good going into the big game, I hope they meet :)
I don't know about that. . . in terms of QB depth, I would take Montreal's McPherson over Saskatchewan's Jyles. . .and for 3rd string, I'd prefer Leak over Bell. . . at least Leak has gotten in a few plays this season.

Emry has to learn how to keep his cool. We can't afford silly U.R. penalties in a playoff game. Like Hfx, I'm not looking ahead to the Grey Cup until and unless we win the Eastern final. Our two potential opponents present different but formidable challenges. Hamilton is a vastly improved team whose QB torched us in his last outing. The Lions, for whatever reason, always give us problems, no matter what their record is in a given year. Let's get that East final win salted away before we start worrying about the Grey Cup game! :slight_smile:

All I know is that if we don't win it this year, we never will!!!!!!!

Don't know about that, but if we don't win it this year, my drinking is going to spike substantially. I can't deal with more playoff disappointment.