What affect will NFL Personal Conduct Policies have on CFL

As the NFL discusses their leagues Personal Conduct Policies, does the CFL have an obligation to develop one of their own or should they simply wait to see how the NFL's develops?

Probably wise to develop our own that is at least as tough as the NFL’s.

I was shocked how many comments, blogs or tweets I saw from people who did not know the CFL had said they would honour the Ray Rice suspension - whose comments made the CFL sound like a place of last resort for players suspended for bad behaviour from the NFL. So many comments in fact it was frustrating to me because I thought they potentially hurt the CFL’s reputation. No matter how often somebody tweeted or commented that the CFL was banning him too - for every one of those tweets there were a hundred saying ‘Go to the CFL Ray - they’ll take anybody.’

That misconception will only grow if the CFL does not take a similar approach to the NFL on this problem - just like they did with the Rice case. I’d hate for the CFL to get a reputation of last resort for bad boys league.

I read somewhere or was listening that most leagues don't have these policies written up and the NFL may lead the pack in developing such policies. Talking here the other majors in MLB, NBA and NHL. The NFL has apparently hired female advisors for domestic violence, apparently a first in pro sports from what I believe to be true:

NFL hiring female advisers to shape domestic violence policies

[url=http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24710845/nfl-hiring-female-advisors-to-shape-domestic-violence-policies]http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-foo ... e-policies[/url]

The misconception stems from the whole Ricky Williams/Argonauts debacle.
This is the first (high profile) time that the new CFL policy of honouring NFL suspensions goes into effect.
Actually, it was Josh Gordon of the Browns whose name came up first earlier this year.
I'm confident that the perception of the CFL as an "escape" league will come to an end shortly. :thup:

I'd let the NFL spend all the money coming up with their policy and then the CFL could use/tweak that to use for itself.

The domestic violence issues the NFL is now forced to deal with makes smoking some pot look like kids play.

The sad fact is that the domestic violence issues are just coming to the surface, not just in football but in all sports and not just in the USA. I wonder how much steroid use plays into this?

Yes, I do think steroid use has some effect on some people's minds, I'd have to look at the research more closely but wouldn't surprise me.

[url=http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/10/15/us-steroids-violence-idUSTRE49E9VY20081015]http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/10/ ... VY20081015[/url]

Start here “Roid Rage” isn’t new.

Thanks for that article eskfan. I really hope the schools are teaching kids about the problems with steroid use.

Unfortunately there are reports out there that steroid and human growth hormone usage is very prevalent in Ontario High Schools (football teams in particular).

Or just look at the ones already being used by some teams.


Interesting......................... :twisted: