What about this for an idea? no laughing

Here's a thought, what if a members user name had their year of birth beside it. Then when topics get heated a more mature member might realize he's arguing with a young pup and go easy on him :smiley: or on the flip side a young happening dude would realize he's arguing with an old fart and feel sorry for him and let him have the last word.

I sometimes sense that people I'm conversing with, heated or not are coming from a totally different era and obviously have different values and ideas and to be honest a 50 yo having a heated argument with a 16yo really makes no sense on either side. Yes people could lie about their age but I really don't think most here would.

For instance Stamp67, young hansom dude, is arguing with Chief, wrinkled old sod, if Stamp67 knew this he would likely let the old guy win one or two and no hard feelings would result. It could make for better understanding between members.

And no Chief I haven't hit the rum yet :smiley:

It'd be much simpler to just declare me the winner in every argument! :smiley:

Interesting idea there, but have you thought of the fact that we do have some very knowledgeable women on these boards, who might not really want to broadcast their ages. . .

unfornately, I have debates with my 16yr old son all the time, sigh

Wrinkled old sod? :o That calls for a ban! :twisted:

I could actually see this idea going the other way. Some arrogant fool comes on, sees he’s arguing with a young guy, and proceeds to lace into him for being young and inexperienced and naive, etc.

And like MadJack said, all the women on the forum would be 21. That’s how old my mom is… and all of her sisters. :lol:

I'm sure we have many "anonymous" women who have much too add but care little about announcing their age to a cyber group whom they'll never meet.

Hehe, 19 yo daughter here with NO sense of humor so I can relate FYB.

I must admit, sometimes when I am going at it with someone, I find myself wondering how old they are, and if I knew they were under 18, I would probably go in another direction.

Here’s a problem with the age thing. Age does not equate to knowledge or maturity. some of the dumbest and most immature people I know are older than me.
Also, all of the best trolls are older. Takes time to refine 1337 trolling skills and the standard 13 year olds you see yelling in ALL CAPS on most forums reek of pimples and peachfuzz facial hair.
Whereas the really good trolls you see who do stuff like pwn a president right in front of them (Colbert) or set up long and complex traps are older (Chris Hansen).

I try to be as civil as possible and stick to debating the issue instead of making it personal. However, every once in a while, somebody provokes me into calling them an idiot, because they usually are :wink: Yet. I just dont want to be calling a 15 yr old an idiot just like I would be more likely to walk away from a potential physical confrontation with one, as opposed to some 40 yr old jackass who really needs a good thumping.

All good points, not saying there wouldn't be challenges , but could it make it better, rather than worse? I for one would like to know if I'm about to insult a 15yo or a war hero. How about if it was optional? no harm no foul and I think many would opt in after some time.

Oh and Chief your Momma is 20? :lol: you must be my brother from another mother because my mammy is 20 yo too :slight_smile:

Why not just have a poll as to whom is right? :lol:

Well played, Riders fan...

It won't matter. I'll still argue like a teenager.

I'm not supposed to laugh, but you guys make me laugh :lol: :lol:

Wow Chief you answered a question before it was asked! :o

Have you been hanging out a lot with FYB all the way in BC?

Is this forum now haunted?

Where's the f%$^!* poll?

Im 20.

But you act 13. Ohhh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anyone besides me who read the title of the post and thought that the OP's idea was for us the stop laughing?