What about this for a salary cap guideline

1.) This would have to be negotiated with the CLFPA but I think it would fly.
2.) Have the teams get together in a room and set a salary cap/guideline. This would be reset with each new CFLPA contract. Make it realistic to retain the quality players but not stupidity high so that the poor teams will always have the second-rate players.
3.) Salary cap violations for the season are determined at the end of the season and penalties/bonuses are applied to the next season.
4.) Overall team salary is judged by the CFL league office based on the players T-4’s and what they pay income tax on. Injury replacement players exempted from total.
5.) Any team that exceeds whatever the cap is fined using the following formula. Dollars exceeding cap times the number of teams under the cap. For example if team A exceeded the cap by $100,000 and there were 7 other teams that abided by the cap, the fine would $700,000.
6.) The money in fines would be split up among the teams that were under the cap and they would be allowed to use it for salary the following season in addition to the cap. For Example: Team B is under the cap and their share of the fine money is $100,000.00. If the cap was $3,000,000.00 then the following season they could spend $3,100,000.00 without exceeding the cap. The fined teams would still have to abide by the $3,000,000.00 or be fined for the season.
7.) Enforcement would be simple. The league would have the rights (as they do now) to the playoff games. Any team with unpaid fines at the beginning of the next season would play and compete normally but would forfeit any playoff game and their city would not be allowed to bid on the GC until the fines are paid.

This would allow the rich teams to pay what they want but they would also be financing the salary cap abiding teams who over time would be able to pay players more and still compete for the best players. Breaking the salary cap would actually hurt your own team the most in the long run.


we have a salary cap…

Overall, I think the idea has merit. There are a few items that I disagree with from a realistic perspective (like forfeiting playoff games), but well thought out. Perhaps instead of forfeiting the game, they have to forfeit home field advantage. That in itself would have an effect on the first or second place team. If they were third, then perhaps an extra fine. I hope others put in their views on this as we may have the makings of a good fan supported salary cap. Wouldn’t that be a round of kudos for the CFL and its fans. Hopefully the players will buy in but I doubt it.

Eskies32001…Wording is Salary Guideline… I think I’ve heard that before.

The Salary Cap needs to be revisted. Raised and perhaps with some of Narles ideas for enforcement. Forfeiting is a little much. Fines and draft picks? Possibly.

Do you think a player being paid under a personal contact (usually under the table) should be policed by the CFL?. Owners with deep pockets can make a salary cap look redundant and strips the league of fair bidding practice for a player. Don’t know what the answer is here…I guess it would be great if every team was backed by rich owners but that’s not the case and is not going to happen…and relying on well bank- rolled teams to divulge actual monies in a contract is laughable … so we have an equality problem and one this league should deal with… :!:

By forfeit, I meant the right to HOST the game and not the outcome of it. The team would still have the playoff in their city (so as not to punish the loyal fans) but all profit from it would go to the fine pool and not to the bottom line of the offending team. The right to bid on a GC would be the big hammer as the GC nearly always drops a million or so into the host teams lap.

Personal Contracts aside, if the owners and the players can figure a way to fool the gov’t income tax-man, then you are never going to catch a personal payment under ANY system.

How about some revenue sharing - like the visiting team gets 30-40% of the gate receipts?

Maybe it could just be done for the playoffs? Then for teams like Saskatchewan it wouldn’t kill them financially to have playoff games in other cities.

Just a thought…

You want the cap to impact the teams, make it affect the ratio. You go over by 1 million you lose 2 imports on your roster. You go over by 2 million you lose 4.

The current system of losing Canadian draft choices does little if you can go out and buy a Non-Import Vet.

I like point 6. I like it very much.

I don’t agree with forfeiting of playoff games.

Injury replacement players being exempt from the total is the loophole that would kill the whole thing. If a team wants to sign a player to a million dollar contract, all they would have to do is move the player he’s replacing onto the injury list. Their million-dollar-man would be an “injury replacement” and would therefore be exempt. As a bonus, the original player can’t be signed by another team like they could be if they were released or put onto the practice roster.

It sounds like a great idea but easier said than done, right? If it were that easy than teams that are over would be fined already. :?

I still like the idea myself of losing the ability to host playoff games. Win all you want, but go over the cap and you lose home field advantage.

Forfeiting the right to host the playoff games, I’d support.

Forfeiting the games themselves, I wouldn’t.