What about these Benefits - Comments Gades Fans...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had the opportunity to sit behind the coaches wives at the last Gades game in Montreal.

Prior to O Canada and kickoff, my daughter’s boyfriend and I sat down in what we thought were really excellent seats sold 7.5 hours prior to game time… We didn’t know the significance of where we were sitting until this…

Mrs Kauahi (who I didn’t know who she was at the time) asked me whose tickets did I have… I replied that I had my own… costing me eventually $360 to $400 for the Montréal adventure. I was proud to attend this must win game for the Gades because I am a loyal “south-side� season ticket holder (CC-6-32/33) and wanted to cheer my team.

Puzzled by the question, I had asked the nice lady in front of me, well whose tickets do you have… I was wearing my autographed KJ#4 pro jersey (not replica), she replied, while I’m Mrs Kerry Joseph… I laughed my ass off… then she said, I’m Joe’s wife and the other answered I’m here with Kani. Then I find out that about 10 to 12 other seats are spouses/guests/kids of team members. Some of the kids were the water boys and had field access during the game.

Please don’t get me wrong… I had a blast (great conversation) but I paid close to $400 for the opportunity to sit there and perhaps be the only two people yelling “D-fence�, cheering, and talking up the team while sitting on the bench.

Then something hit me… what an opportunity for the Gades to market next season’s ticket drive… providing season ticket holders with the opportunity to come to the away games as guests of the team. Perhaps the train games (no further west than Hamilton). Heck, I’d take a couple of days off for a run to BC granted the opportunity.

If the Gades offered up transportation/ticket, I’d find my own place to stay as well as meals. If the Gades are provided with a group of tickets… like to do for other teams at FCS, why not use them as a benefit for season ticket sales.

I’m not saying that spouses shouldn’t go with the team but if players (team) are provided with 20 seats, why not allow 6 of them to go to season ticket holders or 4 of them to go to ticket holders, and then allowing a special 2 to have field access. Heck, I’d do the Bobby Boucher and hand out towels just as well as anyone else… I’d be happy to sign a waiver in case of injury while on the field.

I’ll let this thread go a bit… and get some responses… I’ll then send it in for Lonnie and his team to digest...

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