What about the youth movement..

Maybe its the new coaches and the new philosphy, but i am seeing a big youth movement taking place. Many veterans have been let go (jackie mitchell, andrew greene, nate davis, just to mention a few), which was particially due to the salary cap, but still. It seems as if we are bringing in a lot of rookies, which is good for wat used to be our aging team.

Am i the only one who sees this?

u answered your own q. young players r cheaper and that good for the cap

It is also the fact that younger athletes are often, bigger, faster, stronger and more talented that veterans today. The quality of athletes improves yearly. The only thing rookies lack is experience which is invaluable but in terms of athletic ability, the younger guys seem to be getting better all the time... We can certainly see it in other sports as well.
Salary cap as previously mentioned is also a factor.