What About the Rookie!

I am wondering what all you BC fans think about our rookie QB Buck Pierce? From what I saw in the Preseason we might have ourselves a phenom for the future.

From what I've seen, he looks pretty good. Nice throwing arm and can scramble. Would love to see him in real game action. I think he's gonna be a good one. Maybe if Printers decides to leave (hope he doesn't) then Lions fans can take comfort in a quality #2 QB in Pierce.

He looked good... He looks like he has potential for sure... but i think phenom is a word that we can't put in the same sentance as his name yet. He's only played like 2 or 3 quarters total... we need to see what he can do over the course of a few games if given the chance before we can even think of using the word phenom.

The pre-season was a good showing. It'll be interesting to see if he gets any playing time once Printers is 100% and If Dickenson keeps up his production too.

Pierce looks like he has a lot of potential. He had great stats in college, and remember he's only 23 so if Dickenson mentored him, I think we could very well have a great quarterback on our hands. Personally I dont think we need Printers anymore, he wants alot of money and we cant pay two big time salaries. Trade Printers for some better offensive linesmen, and give Pierce some playing time.

I don't think he will get much playing time this season aside from field goals and QB sneaks. I mean we here in Beautiful BC have the 2 best QB's in the league

Printers was the best in the league last year, until we get to see what he can do this year, you only have one of the top qb’s, same goes for my Esks, The qb position is about what your doing for me now, not last year. not saying he isnt one of the top but he needs to get a chance to show what he can do coming off a mvp season.

Pierce has a ROCKET of a throwing arm! Most of the Lions think he needs to take a bit off even! Remember, Printers has an "awkward throwing motion" that the NFL didn't like. It was corrected and he won MVP. I think Pierce could definitely be a quarterback of the future. For whom...that's anyone's guess! :wink:

I too am impressed by Buck Pierce from what I saw in the Calgary game and the highlites from Sask.

As DD says, this guy is a gamer or something like that. He is too short 6'1" for the NFL as he himself says so this is a good situation for him to be in.

If you saw him vs Calgary and how he ran the offence you can see that he has some serious potential. He is exciting (but not like Casey who is in a class there by himself). If you compare how poised he looked in the Calgary game vs Jason Gessor, the Calgary QB who came on late for Burris and looked like a deer caught in the headlights, you can see why the Lions coaches and players have some faith in him. Hey, it was not Gessor's fault entirely as his team is not as good as BC.

I did some reading on the net on Pierce and apparently he scored a 50 yard TD with a broken ankle suffered at the start of the run.

If he can learn as others say from DD, he will become a CFL starter some day, if not here. It is good for the league to develop these CFL QBs and not all teams have done this or have back ups that can play.

Pierce in the Calgary game might have been a bit excited and gunned some balls he shouldn't like to guys in the end zone from 5 yards out. This is what he will learn if he is patient.

We can't forget the guy doing the clipboard either - Jarius Jackson who got hurt in the first play? of the first exhib game or something like that. He was to be no. 3 but got banged up.

I appreciate all the feedback about Pierce. I too feel that his competitve nature, and natural talent will take him to great places in the CFL. I hope the adminstration in BC will also see the talent that we see in this kid.

He is also a big guy: 6'1 210 lbs. his size will come in handy

Buck would be alot faster if it was not for all the metal in his ankle

How does Buck travel by air with all that metal in him?

Pierce's size weight-wise will help him if he needs to run which young qb's have to as they are learning to read both receivers and defences.

As far as the Lion's seeing his abilities, I am sure Buono sees that and also his character as to his patience and learning quotient (ability and interest). Just watching him on the sidelines Friday night, he seemed to be listening attentively to QB discussions with coaches. He has said that he has to abide his time here like others which is a plus.

Off topic- and maybe this should be a thread - wtf has happened with Spurgeon Wynn at Wpg?? Recall his last minute TD to Geroy last year to win the last game of the year. I thought he could be a starter. Maybe that will be a message to other qbs in BC - be glad you have the team you have to work with here as the receivers here will make you look good if you can remotely get the ball to their area.