What about the kicking game?

Seems everyone is talking about the playcalling, turnovers, Dane Evans, recievers not getting open etc. What is going on with the kickers? They cut the 1st punter, who didn't seem to be doing that bad, sign Jon Ryan and then promote/demote Domagala from placekicker to punter. They then bring in import Seth Small to take over placekicking. I don't think Small is an improvement in placekicker. if he makes an easy 41 yarder in BC, the Cats may have won. Missing that one deflates the players (here we go again) and changes what they do in the red zone for the rest of the game.
Cats haven't had a good kicker since 2019.
Not blaming ST coach, Cats have one of the best special teams coverage in the league. Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on.

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That question has been on the mind of some since 2019...

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The solution is staring us in the face. Just instruct all our FG kickers to aim for the right post. Ball will sail through the middle, or possibly squeak through just inside the left post.


Lots in here on Ryan and the upcoming game vrs MTL

Future Hall of Fame offensive lineman Chris Van Zeyl has not participated in practice all week and is likely to miss the critical matchup against the Als with a hip injury.

American Colin Kelly, who the team acquired back in June, has slid over to Van Zeyl’s right tackle position while Travis Vornkahl, who started Week 1 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at left tackle before being benched, looks to be getting a second chance at the important blindside spot.

The team will likely also be without return man extraordinaire Lawrence Woods and Canadian defensive back and special teams ace Stavros Katsantonis. Both have been listed on the daily injury report as having an illness and neither were present for the team’s Tuesday practice session. Micah Johnson, who was also listed on Monday as missing practice due to illness, was back on the field on Tuesday and looks good to go.

It is not all doom and gloom, however, as some of Hamilton’s long-term wounded look to be making their way back into the lineup.

Canadian receiver Lemar Durant and all-star defensive back Cariel Brooks have both been full participants in practice this week, with both taking the majority of first-team reps after missing the first six weeks of the season following injuries suffered during training camp.

With the loss of Van Zeyl along the offensive line, it is likely the Tabbies will be starting two Americans up front against the Als. To make room for a pair of American starting offensive linemen, the team looks to be going with two Canadians in the receiving group, with Durant joining second-year pass catcher Tyler Ternowski in the team’s starting lineup.

Brooks has been back in his familiar spot at boundary halfback, taking over for Alden Darby Jr. who has manned the position over the first six weeks of the season.

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Why not simply put Vornkahl at RT instead of the most important position for QB protection - especially since he failed miserably there in the first place?

Yes, that sounds reasonable. FG kickers should always aim for the right post... under no circumstances should they aim for the wrong post. :partying_face: