I just heard Bob McCown on Fan 590 discuss with his panel, will the RW signing create US interest for the CFL?
This he said is bigger then anything previously and the signing is a very hot topic all over the US.
What about possible US expansion?

Hopefully not. Like I've said, more than a few times, I don't want to see US expansion because it creates a non-level playing field because the US teams don't have to follow the import rule.

If not American expansion how about while the iron is still hot, the Gades and QC expansion and both for 07.
Just think how the fans of Ottawa feel right about now in missing out in seeing RW for this year.

Only if, and this is a big if, they can find the right owners. And Quebec has a stadium big enough to host a CFL franchise.

i agree with QC...if i were gonna buy an expansion team for Quebec-city or ottawa ,id want it ASAP...strike while its hot.

Both possibilities and in fact it should be mandatory for all expansion, strong($) and (if possible local) Canadian ownership.

If expansion happens , it should be done in Canada, there are a few cities that could be possible expansion sites. Ottawa(with the right ownership it can work), QC, and Halifax to start out. I believe Saskatoon could be another spot to put a franchise in, a natural rivalary with Regina(kind of like the Battle Of Aberta). It should also be noted that we tried to expand into the US with disastrous results. Lets try to expand in Canada first.

people outside of ontario have no idea the CFL buzz right now.

Why don't we ask all of our friends outside of Ontario.
Any mention on talk shows,TV coverage, newspapers.

there is so much buzz here, all the toronto newspapers updated thier webpages with stories of argos training camp...this has never happened before.

toronto sun, star, and globe and mail all have numerous articles plus training camp updates on thier sites...not to mention tsn and sportsnet.

is was even a headline story on msn.ca

fan590 had been talkin about ricky williams / argos /cfl for about 6 hours straight.

....so you are getting about the same coverage as we have about the Stamps day in day out..... :lol: .......

really?...lucky u.

we never get THIS kinda CFL media attention here.

i just checked calgarycun.com...yes, u guys DO get ALOT of stamps /cfl coverage there...theres 5 stamps/cfl stories in todays calgary sun sports section...WOW.

Another Toronto media star.... ho hum.... they do that all the time, its just as crazy with Baby Eric(Lindros) and Doug Gilmour, Joe Carter and Vince Carter.... I wonder how friendly the Toronto media will be if Williams fails a drug test?

You know, drumkit made a few points earlier today that kind of got me rethinking.....sorry drumkit, I can't recall which thread they're in.....I'm still not big on not honouring the NFL suspension, but in the short term (at the very least) this will do very well for Toronto.....I'm hoping he's clean now, and by the reports I've seen him on he sure sounds intelligent and grounded.....if he has straighted out, he could be the perfect spokesperson for turning one's life around.....

thank u, jm02.

Hey - credit where it's due.....

Theres been a bit on ESPN down here about it, and the timing is perfect, to maybe get the league some attention. He signed just as training camp started, so they'll check in on him a couple times this week, then again after his first preseason game, and again after his first official game, whether he performs good or bad. If the Argos use him for alot for the passing game, that will cause a bit of a buzz down here, cuz he's not really known for that. I just hope whe Allen breaks the record, which we all know is going to happen, barring injury of course, people down here realize what record he broke, cuz if they don't pay attention, they'll think its a single season record, and since he should break it by week 5, or 6 at the very latest, people may think its because of Ricky. It would be a real shame for Damon to lose credit for something that has taken him an entire career to achieve.

Well, every daily in CFL markets had something to say about Williams.

As to US expansion again --- as I said elsewhere --- only a fool says "Never" when it comes to CFL.

I have no problem with it if done right --- and I know I'm in minority.

I would welcome the CFL in the US again. The imbalace in import players would need to be adressed, but I agree that it has to be done right, just as expansion to Ottawa, Halifax, QC, or where ever would need to be done.

NO! let’s not go down that road again.

American CFL Fans are quite content to watch the CFL from afar, thank you!

Although having exhibition games and maybe the Grey Cup down here would be great!