What about Matt Dunigan?

Has anybody heard what Matt Dunigan will be doing this year? Is he going back to TSN? I’m sure a player of his pedigree has to have some options to stay in the sport of football in some capacity.

I hope that Dunigan comes back in some capacity. I think that he got more than he could handle in Calgary. I don’t think anyone should be Coach and GM in their first year on the sidelines. I think hat Calgary expected too much of him in his first year and weren’t fair in releasing him. He was the scapegoat for poor management. Take away the GM position and let him focus solely on coaching. I would like to see him as a QB coach in Winnipeg.

Sort of a bingo there dj, 'cept that Matt got a big head and figured he could handle it all, even when other veteran coach/GMs like Buono and Matthews told him not too. In that case, Matt got what he deserved for trying to feed an unrealistic ego. It was bad management and an ego. They had to release him outright as well as he had no support from the players, dropping him to QB coach here would have been a bigger insult than just saying ‘Thanks Matt, its been a slice’. I think he lost a lot of respect from others in the league which is why he hasn’t surfaced as a coach and I thought I heard somewhere he left his media buddies with a bad taste in their mouth so don’t look for him to surface on your TV set in the near future as well. I would imagine he’ll grab a US college minor coaching job for awhile then maybe make a comeback in the CFL as an analyst or a asst. coach.

...and I thought I heard somewhere he left his media buddies with a bad taste in their mouth so don't look for him to surface on your TV set in the near future...
OTOH, Matt obviously (and understandably) did not appreciate that infamous TSN halftime segment where the panel introduced him (in person) to educational materials, i.e., facsimilies of books entitled "General Managing for Dummies", "Coaching for Dummies" and "Offensive Coordinating for Dummies"...

I think R&W is close to the truth about Dunnigan the coach, as there is no disputing Dunnigan, the player’s, achievements. All last year I waited to hear Dunnigan present some clear component of his coaching philosophy that would define him. It never happened because it appears he didn’t have one, or that the messed up Calgary ownership kept him from developing one. In the end what we got was a losing coach who seemed equally as intent about his sideline fashion statements as he was silent about his role in the Stamps’ performance. Maybe he will start a clothing line. But if he comes back as a coach it should be as a quarterback coach where he can develop how to plan for the season, run effective practices, prepare for games and handle game situations, and in the end learn to motivate his players and evaluate his program.

If there is a hatchet with his media buddies, bury it. I think Dunnigan was great on the TSN panel. Bring him back.

I agree he may have made a bad GM but this he does well. I do hope though he makes it back as a OC eventually if the Huey in the chuck was smart he would have had him instead of the bonehead RD Lancaster. Hell boxman M Feterik would be better than RD :roll:

Heard a rumour…from 3rd party & a radio talk show…(nothing to back it up) that many of the senior coaches and Gms thought Matt was fast tracked too fast into the job, and should have started out as an assistant. A lot of them didn’t mind running the score up when the chance presented itself. (Please, we already had a thread about running up the score in the old huddle…let’s not start it again!)

So maybe there could be a little "Black Balling " Going on from a coaching point of view.

Didn’t mind him on TSN…Wouldn’t mind seeing him back there.

I don’t think that was much of a rumour, I thought it was pretty much Known Fact…although no one would admit to it…

We agree on something??

I would agree that it would be great if Dunigan re-surfaced on TSN. Their panel has (or had) far greater chemistry between Schultz~Climie~Dunigan than the boring talking heads over on CBC. Even Schultz and Climie alone were far superior to CBC’s crew. If Dunigan has hard feelings about the Dummies books too bad; although I would find it hard to believe that they pulled that stunt on him without his knowing about it and okaying it in advance. At any rate, with those three you always learn something about the game, which you never do with the CBC panel.

While I’m on that, let me get something else off my chest about the CBC crew. The worst is when Walby takes a game off and Darren Flutie moves to the booth to do colour commentary; am I the only one who finds his constant references to the players by their first names annoying in the extreme? Once or twice would be okay, but he does it constantly, as if all the players on all the teams in the league are his personal friends. I’m so sick of hearing “Damon made a good throw and John provided a good block and it was a good catch by Arland.”

Is that something release the fireworks!

I think the way for Dunigan to be succesful would be very similar to the situation in Toronto where you have an inexperienced “figurehead” type coach surrounded by excellent assistant coaches.

Hopefully Dunigan ends up back on TV as he was a very entertaining TV personality

Yeah, Bring him back with Clime Schultz and Randork.

He’ll bring it up.

Dunigan had far too much on his plate. Ownership didn’t seem to care. Dunigan became the scapegoat. I think he would have made a great coach given the right opportunity and environment. I think many other CFL coaches resented him getting the job so easily, so didn’t mind running up the score. Some probably weren’t too sad that he struggled to win. Too much of the old boys club and it sounded like things got very politcal. Some fans appeared very angry that Barker got fired and Dunigan got the job and so they took it out on Dunigan.

New ownership brought Barker back, but I never thought much of Barker. Both he and Buono struggled while coaching in Calgary under Fetrik, and those coaches were experienced. For the Barker fans, or those who stood something to gain from their kids who attended Barker’s football camp, Dunigan became their scapegoat or reason to get Barker back. (be careful what you ask for)

Dunigan would have done well in a similar scenario to Pinball in Toronto or coch Marshall with the Cats. He needed assistance. Both Pinball and Marshall had guidance from experienced management. No EXPERIENCED coach in his right mind would have takent the position in Calagary.

Dunigan might have had an ego, but all players, coaches do. I don’t think it was the cause of his problems. I didn’t see Pinball turn down a chance in Toronto to coach even though he’d not had previous coaching experience. Let’s say Dunigan learned a lot more than he bargained for.

If Dunigan doesn’t get into coaching - or decides to put it off for a while it would be great to see him back on TSN. He makes a great contriubtion to the CFL no matter what he does. Always has.

Well … there ya have it - Dunnigan back with TSN … I wonder if his oversized ego will be put in check now that he failed miserably in Calgary … I somewhat doubt it. His cocky attitude and general know-it-all is a hell of a fassad … I can’t even begin to imagine what his excuses will be for partially dismantling the already broken Stampeders, and organizing possibly the worst trade in CFL history … and he’s a glass QB …

I sure hope Cliimie and Shultz’ie don’t let him get away without his ultra-ego-sized share of ribbings this season …


I didn’t mind Dunnigan on TSN. I’ll be tuning in though, to see how much Climie and Schultz tease him about his coaching career.

I t appears he has signed on with TSN again. That should be good for a laugh!

He’ll be back peddling for a while…Schultz and Climie will let him have it over his coaching career for a few weeks.

By far and away, these three guys are the best in all of TV sports. Their knowlege of the game and combined chemistry to include laughs per minute is what makes the entire game package a “can’t miss”. Together with the upswing for the league, I would expect TSN per game average will be the best ever. Which begs the question, even though recent TV contract negotiated, the league is still not getting top notch dollars. I wonder if there is anyway to renegotiate?