What about Luca?

What is going to happen with Luca Congi? I feel for the guy having worked so hard to rehab and then not getting to play at all this season. It appears that Milo should have the punter/placekicker position sewed up being a Canadian that appears to be very good at both tasks. I can't see Luca wanting to stick around to be a backup - is he valuable enough to trade for a good DE?

Milo and Butler have turned out to be a couple of gems from the Canadian Draft. Milo has shown that he can do it all. Whether Congi stays around as insurance or just to push Milo to stay on top of his game is a coaching decision.

they will keep 2 kickers on the roster...if one of them is Luca I don't know. I could see him being a trade for a draft pick or something like that. A top 12 or so draft pick would be awesome. Picking up a top 8 DE...unlikely for any kicker, especially one coming off injury with no game time since. They should have let him take on some kicking responsibilities to up his market value...show he can still do it. The Riders have no need for an average DE at this point...they need a prolific rush end.

Personally, I would try dealing him to the Bombers, who could use an improvement there (theirs is hitting like 2/3), and are sitting in a position that they might be willing to give up a draft pick.

I would have to think Luca is a player that will get shopped around.

His value is unknown. Depop already pointed out his not playing doesn't increase his value. Another hit to his value is that Calgary holds Maver and he too might be shopped around? Too many kickers on the market means an over-supply. Eddie Johnson is also on the market but as an import who hasn't really proved his FG's?

Edmonton may look at Duval as old and import?

W'peg, yeah, could maybe look at an upgrade.

Hamilton, Medlock is good but an import (but does all 3 jobs).

Toronto would be smart to get a younger Cdn as succession to Prefontaine? Maybe Grant Shaw from U of S is the next inline?

If we get very little for Luca he stays a Rider because you need to have a second kicker?

I've heard Luca wants to come to training camp and compete for the spot. Seems like a good thing to me. Can only help Milo and Congi. Look what competition from Sean Whyte did to McCallum

Plenty of punters and kickers. I say save salary and spend the money on the D line.

Riders released K/P Eddie Johnston today.

well there’s your answer.

The question is asked about Luca, and the releasing of a completely separate person which was effectively done a few months ago answers it how?

Well by releasing Johnson, we now go from 3 kickers on the team to 2. Which is the normal amount of Kickers per team. That being said Luca should be back to his kicking duties while Milo will most likley handle punting and at least we know if something were to ever happen to Luca again (God forbid) we have a capable back up

Well not really. Like I said Johnson has been gone a long time. He was 9-gamed and sent home. This was known months ago. So the releasing of him doesn't change anything really. The riders just might be comfortable letting Milo do all of kicking duties. They had no problem doing it at the end of the year when Congi was available. If you are right and Luca wins the place kicking duties then I agree that Milo will be punting, but if Milo can do both then Luca is expendable and very good trade bait / insurance policy.

Yes, but imho every team should/must have 2 kickers on the active roster. It's downright foolish to do otherwise - mind you, Clarmont kicked a field goal in BC once so maybe we would be good to go :lol: . If it ain't Luca as one of the two, we need to be drafting/signing another one, seems to me.

The more I've thought on thisthe more i think we'll see both of these two around next season. Because you have to have 2 kickers.

Luca might be able to win his FG kicking job back.

The young fella punted really well. And has the better long leg for KO's. It takes up two roster spots but they are both NI?

The above is a fine situation. The next best arrangement is Milo wins out to be the guy doing all 3 jobs and we free up a roster spot.

It's up to Luca I think. He'll showup at camp and he'll have to fight for his job.

The Riders announced today that they have released non-import kicker/punter Luca Congi.

“We would like to thank Luca for his contributions and leadership both on and off the field,? stated General Manager Brendan Taman. “Unfortunately in this business sometimes tough decisions have to be made but we do wish Luca the best in his future career.?

The Riders have also released non-import defensive back Tamon George.

Sorry to see you go Luca. Thanks for the memories.

Now that answers my question. Usually an incumbent doesn't lose his job because of an injury but in this case I guess the punting abilities of Milo made Luca expendable. It's too bad we weren't able to obtain a player or two via trade.

Good luck Luca.

And THAT is a good example of why I think Taman sucks as a GM.

Good luck, Luca. I know you will catch on somewhere...you are too good not to. Whomever gets you is going to get a great kicker for a straight steal.

No offense to you, but don't you think Taman has been trying to trade Luca since he has been recovered? Now I do not know for sure that he has been, but I would put money on it. It is sad to see him go, but I feel Milo has way more upside, especially after an injury like Luca had. Most teams realize that we aren't going to keep Luca on our team to sit on the bench, as he was likely one of the higher paid kickers in the league, not even close to the highest, but much higher then a kid like Milo. I do not think we should draft a kicker in this draft this year, but I do think we should go after a cheap back-up kicker in case of emergency, and who knows, in case of emergency Luca may still be around.

All I am saying here is that it is unlikely that Taman didn't try to trade him away, as there aren't many teams in need a kicker at the moment, besides maybe Hamilton depending on Medlock. I don't think we would have gotten much for Luca seeing as he didn't play all last season, and half of the season before IIRC.

I agree. The fact that Congi never kicked once dressed later in the season meant 2 things...They liked Milo's leg and had decided they were going with him, and they "perhaps" did not entirely trust his recovery. If they had even given him kickoff duties he may have held some trade equity. There is also some available Canadian kicking talent available, further reducing his market value. For instance Austin Anderson will get some serious looks in the draft and Aaron Ifield (all-time CIS record holder) floats in the abyss of trying to make a squad. It is not a good time for a FG kicker to be coming off a major injury his leg. Also, Conji is an accurate kicker, but does not have great distance, backed up by the fact the Riders would put their punter in for longer FG tries.

I could see him potentially signing on in Toronto with Shaw gone, and wish him the best.

The biggest question I have is why did the Riders let Jamie Boreham go when they obviously knew they likely had to let Johnson go at season end, and their had to be some question marks on Conji. Now they are left with 1 kicker, where they could have had 2, both capable of pulling double duties. If a kicker is a little tender one week do you really want him pulling double duties or kicking long FGs and kickoffs? It just makes sense to have insurance, especially as he is Canadian, and adds a dynamic to special teams unlike any punter I have ever seen.

They have signed Bodnar via trade with Edmonton. He was a CIS allstar last year and led the college ranks in punting average last year - also was the RAMS place kicker including FGs. Sounds like a pretty good back up to Milo. By the way his name is Chris as well - must be karma.

Oh, thanks...I had not heard about that...or missed memorizing it at minimum. Yeah, Bodnar is a solid player and likely at a good price. I have seen him play a bit, and met him a couple times...seems like a great guy.