What about Kalif Mitchell?

So it appears that his ignorance has gotten him into trouble again and he is benched for this upcoming game. The Lions are definitely not happy about his many indiscretions.

So...do you think they are looking to trade him and would it be wise (despite his above mentioned problems) for the Cats to trade for him?

Side note: I'm not aware if there is a trade deadline and whether or not it's passed but all the same...

Yes there is a trade deadline and yes it has already passed. No I wouldn't want Mitchell for free. The guy is a moron and is WAY more trouble than he is worth. He's a university graduate, but is more ignorant than most of the 12 year old kids in my daughter's grade 7 class. It's one thing after another with this guy. Don't care how talented he is. Talent doesn't matter when you are benched or suspended every week