What About Dan Goodspeed?

Rider fans when they come to Hamilton seem cool.They're very obnoxious sometimes, but other than that they're cool.
Bomber fans that come to Hamilton are very quiet.They cheer for their team, but half the time you don't even notice they're there.However, what I don't like is they don't turn it off after the game.Even the mother's and stuff walk around mocking Cat fans after the game and that leave's a real sour taste in my mouth.Not to mention their little one's doing it also.During the game, hell yeah it's a war, but after the game just let it go wow.We didn't bother you when we beat you but when you beat us you were all in our face about how fantastic the Bomber's were and how crap the Cat's are.0 Class.
Argo fans try to pick fights with us and then when we step up they run and get security.Typical.
BC fans are the best, we knock them and they knock us, but at the end of the day they're probably the coolest people i've ever met.
Calgary fans are way too quiet, again you only ntoice them if you spot a jersey or two in the crowd.
Edmonton fans are alright, spirited bunch, and good fun to hang with at a game.
Montreal fan's are okay, nothing really good or bad to say about em.

That's my analysis from what i've seen anyways.

And Cat fans are extremely in your face and obnoxious during the game.We'll hurl insults to the players and fans we'll get in their face about how their team's playing,we get extremely rowdy, etc.After the game however, we love to hang with other team's fans and talk about the game and the CFL in general.The only time the battle continues after the game is when the friggin argo fans are in town.It always ends with us chasing them out of the stadium for running their motuh's, then they run and hide on their bus, open the window and talk some more.So annoying.

Goodspeed is one of the best in the league... nice pick up :thup: