What About Dan Goodspeed?

Do we want him for insurance in case either Johnson or Smith aren't fully recovered from their injuries?

Dan Goodspeed most likely carries a large price tag, but was probably released only because of the approx. 90000g bonus coming due March 1st.

Taman and Berry may show interest in this fellow Bomber though, If so, there would be a O-line change at STARTING tackle.

The exchange would be trading ( NI )Wayne Smith while he's healthy. The salaries are probably similar , but we gain a healthy durable player, adding years of invaluable consistency on the O-line.

No! Dan Goodspeed was like Eric Wilson…they HATE Saskatchewan with a passion.

How could Goodspeed hate Sask. He played in Winnipeg for 5 years, and the only difference from them and us, is WE have more class.

Goodspeed loses the bonus in Hamilton just like Jimenez loses it in BC. As a TiCat fan I believe they're comparable except that I prefer the attitude of Goodspeed.

according to CFL daily on twitter, you guy's have signed Goodspeed.Nice pickup.

Didn't we have Goodspeed last year -- for a couple hours before we traded him to Hamilton?

So we end up with the draft picks from both Hamilton and Winnipeg -- and we get Goodspeed at a bargain basement salary one year later?

Dan Goodspeed doesn't come cheap, get that outta your head right now lol.He was offered a pay cut to stay in Hamilton and wouldn't take it, so he got the boot.He was worth whatever we traded again for the 1 year we had him.

I think this assures Joel Bell a spot on the roster but it could be bad news for Belton. There really is little need to keep two imports if Smith is healthy.

I stand corrected...Goodspeed didn't hate Saskatchewan as much I first thought. My bad!!

It feels like we have 11 o-linemen right now. But I guess we had that many at this time last year too, and look what happened....

I guess the Riders don't want to get burned again. We were lucky that we found Bell last year. For a rookie he really picked it up quickly.

We're in Hog heaven........
lots of trade bait now.
I still think moving NI Smith out East is plausible. He is healthy (cross fingers)and worth a 3rd. How about Belli and a 3rd...????

If you're talking about aquiring Adriano Belli, you might wanna think again.The guy's the penalty drawing king of the CFL, for every 1 tackle, you get 2 penalties.Maybe just trade flat out for Etienne Legare.

Okay, that's thirteen (count em) o-linemen under contract. I like the idea of Goodspeed and Bell as the starting tackles. Does that make Smith and Johnson expendable. Could we pick up two or three draft picks for them? I believe Rempel's natural position is at tackle. Is he ready to be the backup in 2010? If I'm not mistaken Dan Clark's natural position is tackle as well. Or do we keep one of the veteran tackles for insurance?

Now if we can only get a few more rb's and wr's we'll be set....

They should flip Belton around and make him a defensive tackle.

Oh my goodness we are turning into the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!

But I dont wanna be from the but crack of Canada!!!

rider fans are great. u got one post earlier talking about how wpg and sask are similar only that sask has more class then u got this right here completely contradacting what the guy said earlier. keep it classy sask.

class? ha maan, throwing beer bottles and dumping crap on ppls lawns for missing a fg.. for sure when i think of sask i think class.. wait i think i wanna remove a couple letters there and add holes at the end..

So, would you consider than better or worse than trieing to burn down your stadium??????????