I thought the Bob stick/patch was an great tribute considering every level of football team in B.C. will be wearing it proud! My question is if anyone knows how a fan can get the same I'd be willing to pay or donate sum$$$$$$ to the orange helmet organization for the chance to show my bob tribute along with the players at the games! He is truely an inspiration as to what a man can achieve by hard work and a passion for what he loves and believes in! Any marketing dudes who have't thought of it yet! stickers patches shirts---- money going to Bob's cause! I'm in! Thanks Bob! GO LIONS!!!!!

Id like a t-shirt.


Nice idea.

Great Idea..

While I certainly go along with your enthusiasum for such a project...I feel that something on a NATIONAL LEVEL would be much more appropriate! :thup:

When you look at the efforts of the man on both the CFL and scholastic level...I can only ask myself this...

"Where in the heck would the CFL be today if not for the efforts of this man?"

At the same time he recognised the need for promotion of OUR GAME at the high school and college level.

I'm hoping that something can be done to recognise that! I'd be in as well for a donation to a scholarship or another appropriate venture!


I say Sell a T-Shirt with the Logo on it
Sell it at Every CFL Stadium
The Profits will then Go to Local Youth football
Bob Loved Grass Roots Ball
What a Great Way to Honour a Great Man.