What about Armour?

What just happened to the post about Armour? A friend called me to read the posts and they are gone!


u didnt really miss much.

Must have been a touchy subject in Ticat land. I didn't see anything offensive to the average fan. Maybe to the Ticat management.

Somebody thought that Obie didn't want Armour back and wanted to go with Mariuz instead. I kind of doubt that...if there is any truth to this rumour it would probably be over what Obie thinks Armour is worth to the team and vicea-versa. Most teams go through these little spats but management doesn't like to see it get to print. (Well except for Marcel)

But as I stated in the vanished thread, the Argos don't need Armour IMO. Edmonton maybe could be interested.

It got deleted.

Welcome to the site.

If it truly was his wife, then it was an embarrassing situation and I'm sure he would be glad to have the thread gone.

We all know it got deleted. It was WHY that was the question.

Uhhh no it wasn't. It was "WHAT just happened to the post about Armour?" I answered the question that was asked.

You're welcome.

I'm pretty sure it was because the person posting had some sort of personal agenda.

That sounds about right

Personal agendas? In here??

Say it isn’t so! Next thing you’ll be telling me there is no tooth fairy…

So I wasn't being a completely sarcastic jerk when I asked for a non-capitalized source?

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Any reason you didn't ask as your alter-ego.....lovinmesome32

You're never a completely sarcastic jerk. You're quite entertaining and only a sarcastic jerk once in a while.. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

but even then, generally entertaining while being so... lol

Like the Mikey-bullies?

what was on the post that was so bad?

if you were really psychic you'd know


Big dog is a Man
He would not get his wife to post on the site.
If He Had a Beef Tell The Team via His Agent.