What About Allen?

Someone told me today they should get Allen as in Torontos D. Allen, hmmmmmm he's retired I think it would be another 1 quarterback to many thing for B.C. again. we don't need more quarterbacks with uncertainty we just need 1 good one that is at least 70% or better acurate! If nothing else he might be a good vet to have on the sidelines for game play advice. Anybody know anything about this Zack Champian fellow?

I heard Allen is interested in becoming a Rider, not sure if that is true or not.

think the story in the post was if Sask calledhe would not say no he'd be open to hear their pitch! Allen was awsume a true icon! I think his body says quit but his heart wants to play forever! can knock em for wanting to keep playing! wish him the best he's already a legend!

I'd rather experience growing pains of Pierce, Jackson, and Champion, than reruns of Damon Allen again.

I agree Sporty. NO DAMON ALLEN!

somewhere in some two bit college, there as got to be another 5'10" flutie like player.

There just has to be

Come on Roy take a road trip and find us a reliable QB. Just look at all the assume players he brought to Sask. If he's out there Roy will find him

Trouble is with finding new Quarterbacks, it takes time to develop them. Look how long it took Kevin Glenn.

Any one they find now is three years away.

You didn't enjoy the Grey Cup he brought you? Allen played some of his best football as a Lion. Maybe he's too old, but you make it sound like he was a terrible quarterback.

Never said he was terrible. A young Damon Allen was great for this league. Yes he brought us a Grey Cup in 2000, but even then his skill level was on a downturn.