What about a 3-4 defensive front?

I know it is too late to really change defensive schemes, but the news that Barrin Simpson wants out of Winnipeg made me think that getting him and switching to a 3-4 front might be interesting.

I like the guys on the D-line and look forward to Adams return, but it intrigues me to consider the 3-4 with Simpson and Floyd in the middle and Knowlton or Jamal bringing some outside heat on every play.

As I said, it's not the time to revamp the whole defense, but Simpson is a pretty good player.

Man oh man its almost to late to try rearranging our defence but Damm that is the best comment i seen on this site all day since our lost .


the 3-4 is not made by linebackers, it's made by the d-linemen.

The linebackers get all the glory (sacks, etc), but if you don't have 3 d-linemen to keep the O-line off the linebackers you could have the best 4 linebackers in history and be ineffective.

excellent post buzz.

on top of that, the 3-4 is almost never used as a base defence in the CFL... at least not in the last 10 years. you do see it mind you, but more in prevent situations, or to spell off a lineman and rotate in someone fresh.

The advantage of the 4-3 on a wider field is the ability to collapse, and contain the pocket between the tackles, and the hash marks. Not only that, but the additional weight needed to play on the line in a 3-4 is a disadvantage in a league where agility is often superior to pure size alone.

but, if you take out how drasticly it changes gap cancelation, pass rushing lanes, and contain assignments, and don't mind scrapping the first 30 pages of your playbook then yeah, I guess you could just change your base defence in mid season.

That being said Simpson could be a good pickup, but where do you put him? Who do you release to make room for him? Can we afford to pay him, and does he want to play in Hamilton?

Well, Rich Stubler ran arguably the best defence with Toronto this decade with a 3-4 alignment as did Denny Creehan in Calgary. It is true that 4-3 defences are the norm, but there have been notable examples of 3-4 approaches over the years.

I echo the sentiments that d-linemen make the 3-4 tick -- on both sides of the border. Even more to the point: one had better have a stud for a nose tackle and a good lineman rotation or you are looking at being run over facing a decent offensive line across the way!

Oski Wee Wee,


I think you nailed it Russ.