What a year to not be in the East

I know it is only week 1, but man did the Eastern teams look terrible in this opening week. Hopefully Ottawa shows a bit better (though not against my Bombers next week preferably) and/or the other Eastern teams get their acts together or it could be a pretty embarrassing season.

The East stinks (in every sport). What else is new?

Ottawa is officially in first place in the east due to its division leading win-loss record. :oops:

105 - 39 for the three Western teams combined score in the three inter divisional games this weekend. That means an average score of 35-13 in those games.


I suspect it means less than stellar TV ratings too with many fans tuning out by halftime in those games.

...I would argue that it's perfect to be in the East, if you can string a few wins together...

I think the thread title is a comment on the irony of the Bombers moving back to the West. They finally have some serious hope :slight_smile: ... and they're in a sickeningly stacked conference. :frowning:

Break out the crossover standings...

Same thing with the Jets , we get to deal with Hawks and Kings while the leafs get to play in the East Coast league :smiley:

Why is the west always stronger? Why can't east team find these great players.

With respect to the CFL only, the idea that the West is "always stronger" is not based on championships. The East has won three of the last five Grey Cups, and in the 18 years since U.S. expansion ended, the East has won eight and the West has won 10 Grey Cups. Not exactly a pattern of domination.

One game shots are always a coin flip, but the sample size of the regular seasons where the West always dominates is the mystery !

The East has been weaker for at least 5 years now. 2009, 2010 and 2011 - four games below 500 for the East as a whole for the entire season and even worse the last two seasons at eight games below 500 for the East. And already this year three below 500.

This is WEEK ONE!! How about at least waiting until the eastern teams get a HOME game before we declare that the west is better.

And I remember in the late 90s the East was dominant for several years, and we still heard this crap. The "West is better" is a myth.

LOL, a few years in the 90,s ! The East was on par at least with the West in the late 90s, the reason why ....... Flutie and Mcmanus came from the West to anchor Hamilton and Toronto.

The object is to win championships. The East holds its own on that score. Regular-season dominance (assuming it actually exists over a sustained period) is still just regular season.

The East sucked last year and will most likely again this year. Who ever makes it to the GC this year from the West should take it with little effort like was done last year (didn't watch it, but was told I didn't miss much).

I'm hoping for a better showing from the east this year to at least make it interesting.

Well usually there is at least one team in the East that can stand up to its Western counterparts, so the Grey Cup could never be considered a sure thing, even if you discount anything being possible in a single game elimination format. Heck, the Bombers actually managed to beat the Riders once last year, so that just goes to show that anything can happen in a single game sample size.

That being said, BigDave is right, it is only week 1. I don't think anyone would deny that it was a horrific week for the East though and that if this were to continue it would be downright embarrassing.

The East has been weaker for about 35 years now. I think the East has had a winning record against the West ONCE in that time and there have been 2 or 3 occasions of even .500.

I agree with BD. let's wait until the east plays at home and the West wins there (and they will) THEN we declare the West to be Best! :lol:

Perfect season to be in the East. 9 wins could very well take first in a weak division this year. The only advantage to being in the West is in the crossover.

Still a long way to go, but so far Toronto and Montreal look like teams that will lose a lot more than they win this year.