what a wussy

Dunigan hurts his mouth in any way, he doesnt even take a play off.

Time for lemon to go back to kindergarten

It was not that Lemon hurt his mouth FYB. Mandatory concussion precautions are in play now.

Remember also that even Dunigan had to retire due to the multitude of head injuries.

With what we know now from the experience of others, precautions are taken prudently.

There is tough sure, but there is also just plain dumb.

Lemon will be back next week, for it is not like the Argos have a near-term upside with Bell.

Bell needs some serious grooming, for I thought he was further along in his decision-making.

I didnt hear anything about concussion concern? Apparently Matty didnt either.

What exactly did happen, because I remember scratching my head when Barker said Lemon chipped a tooth.

...His Bell was rung by Lobendahn....apparently there might be a jaw problem....maybe a concussion...I wonder if someone will do a poll now asking how many games will Lemon stay healthy :roll: :roll:

FYB, Gord Miller mentioned the possible concussion and precautions.

I think that shows your lack of CFL Viewing experience. Bell was playing his 50-70th play as a pro and was more than capable IMO. His throws are crisp, his reads were bang on(contrary to your view) and he was impressive for the amount of real time he has had. I am sure that if he can get 3 or 4 starts under his belt, you will be watching another of the next generation of Q.B.'s in this league. He has as much going for him as Lulay in B.C. These 2 kids (and Joey Elliot, if he can recover) are the future starters of this league. Bell will be the best of the bunch IMO. 80% of "college marquee" Q.B.'s that come up here have 0 chance of adjusting to this league. If you look at there first 100-200 plays in a real game situation, Most of them are so inept, that it makes it hard to watch and consider it pro ball. We have seen it all to much. Bell has what it takes to be a player in this league.

i am sure it wasnt lemon’s call. he knows he could luze his job anytime. he will fight tooth and nail (no pun intended) to stay in every play

Why would anyone make that poll? Lemon doesn't have a history of injuries. He has a history of sucking, so a more apt poll would be one that asks how long it will take Jim Barker to find a clue.

any yet I think a healthy lemon wins todays game, cause bell was just that much worse.

I've said that before in other posts, give bell the right direction and he could be a RR type QB same goes for Porter in Hamilton.

Bell reminds me of a club pro in golf. The guy can beat all the amateurs that come to the club, but wilts when he has to play with real pros. I think Bell just doesn't have it. He has the ability that tantalizes, but he does little when he gets thrust into the game.

So the new way to win in the CFL is to head hunt. Give the opposition QB a helmet to helmet shot and knock him out of the game. Todays game show's you have a 50-50 chance of going unpenalized.

It is noteworthy that after that nasty hit to Lemon, actually all the high hits to the QBs in both games were penalised. It's as if the Command Centre weighed into the matter.

Indeed Bell has a bright future after this season, but I am with FYB, Oiler, and Blogskee on the downside of Bell's present.

At the risk of repeating myself
I doubt you can even mention Bell or Joey Elliot in the same sentence as Adrian McPherson
Not with a straight face anyway
Lulay maybe...the jury's still out

Sure...AD may have to wait longer than Bell or Elliot to get his chance
That's the downside of playing on a powerhouse team
Behind a legend

But once McPherson gets his hands on the ball full-time
Leading a team like the Alouettes....

Dalton Bell...Joey Elliot...

...Or will he continue to "suck a Lemon"?


(See New Thread On The Following)

Best Upside Not Franchise QBs:

Lulay, Tate, Lemon, McPherson

in no particular order

I can sense plenty of argument coming on that list, but we all have our reasons.

Indeed Lulay and Lemon are starters already, but both would have to battle again for their starting jobs if it were next season I suspect. So long as health is in store, I predict each of them will win their jobs again. Both just need a better supporting cast on defence and on offence respectively. Imagine for example if BC had Toronto’s defence or if Toronto had BC’s receivers.

Everyone else who is a starter at QB still has equal or better game ahead of them for at least a season more.

This includes Buck Pierce if he does not get hurt again as is sadly unlikely.

Everyone otherwise not listed above who is a backup now is a grade down with a long way and longer odds against their progress.

Who knows how long the great Calvillo will play too, as he sure has not lost a step.

Burris sure put up some scary numbers today despite a loss and some easy mistakes.

Also noteworthy that the reaction was inconsistent and excessive. Pierce receives, what was at worst, a late hit and Kuale is ejected. Bell receives a hit that doesn't even make him stumble let alone knock him off his feet and Winnipeg is called for roughing the passer. Johnson is trying to steal the crown of most incompetent crew from Andre Proulx.

Good for you, FYB. It takes a very brave man to publicly call out a pro athlete, someone who makes a living violent and dangerous environment, someone who makes said living without batting an eye, someone in tip top shape and could clean the average Joe's can in the alley out back, call him a wuss in public like that.

You know most of us office hacks and janitors, kitchen staff, sales clerks and gas jockeys, we'd see our shift through to five o'clock if we took a shot to the chin in the line of duty.

Good for you man, wow you've just proven what a tough as nails s o b you really are.

Kudos. Bravo. Take a bow.

Lemon ducked his head and raised his shoulder trying to take on Lobendahn. If he hadn't lowered his head like then his helmet wouldn't have come off and hit him in the mouth.

It was more than a late hit. Kuale led with his helmet hitting Pierce in the helmet. If it had been one or the other it probably would have been just a roughing the passer call but it wasn't. The officials made the right call.