I couldent see the game but i listened to it over the radio. WOW THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!

Our Defence played good.

KJ started playing ok at the end.

Im not to sure how the O Line did.

I didn't think that it was possible to loose your voice for only screaming the last three minutes of the game but i guess so. Exciting end and we were on the winning side which really excites me this year.

YES! it was a very exciting game near the end :rockin: i went to the game and the last minute of the game was the loudest i ever heard! the 13th man was there :rockin: congrads

GO Riders GO!!!

Oh baby that was awesome. Im also voiceless right now but totally worth it. That was just like the morgan blocked field goal last year only it lasted much much longer


oh yeah, such a nice come back win. i knew they would come back after the lions last td, but before that . oh god, nail biting. so that was so exciting. k jo played so shaky, not planting down. did gain some confidence. hopefully the bi week helps him. this guy excites me to no end.

True…as poor as KJo Played he is still an exicting QB…with the support of Barrett and our O line this guys only gonna get better…GO RIDERS :cowboy: