This game was dissapointing 40-6 :shock: :shock: in the third. Can BC be stopped? Ottawa never even showed up today. This team is falling.
BC 10-0 That is amazing. Cudos to BC.


Goody! then BC can survine to lose to Montreal! :smiley:

No that is what you call a

And for some reason the MSG network failed to broadcast the game even though it was part of the "U.S. Broadcast schedule " for the later part of this season. :evil:

last time i looked it was 61-13

final score 61-27


I think the proper expression is MASSACRE.

Yep, I think it is what describes best what just happened. :twisted:

thank gawd itz over...and thank gawd they scored 27 pts...it would have been emabarassin if they only have...um...

anywayz, i feel sorry for ottawa fans...even I wasnt expecting this game to be like this...

Im really REALLY happy for my lions...but i think ottawa can do better than this...

Well I just e-mailed MSG Network to ask why the game wasn't on down here. (They had third rate boxing on instead) Lets see if I get a reply!

ottawa needs to make some roster changes....this just isn't working anymore!!!!

i wouldn't be surprised if those who attended tonites game NEVER come back!!!!!

What a pounding, BC is really a well rounded team, and Ottawa just keeps going in reverse.

All that early season promise in Ottawa - and now it sounds like the circus is returning. Thats exactly what that franchise didn't need. And now that hockey is back, I wonder how many fans will turn out for the next game.

OUCH.. Poor Joe and ottawa's fans...they get all pumped up and this happens :frowning:

As much as I cheer on the Lions, I too was sad to see Ottawa to be on the short end of this whupping.

Glad to see Wally use his 2nd and third stringers. (A couple of O-line guys I've never heard of got to play as well)

Curious Question.....Was Freddie Moore's comments pinned up in the dressing room? Hmmmmm

.......that was the Costco size can of Whup-A$$........kudos to Buono for honestly trying to not run up the score in the final 20 minutes or so, but man, you can't tell an intercepting DB or a runback specialist to 'just take a knee'.......gotta ask, like how many decent QBs does BC have?......is there four or five other guys sitting around the Surrey practice field we haven't even heard about yet?.....

The Stampeders used to be the best farm team for QBs. Now BC has taken the flag.

Dear Lions,

I would like to thank you for giving sole possession of the Eastern division’s second rank to Montreal last night. I commend you for doing it in such a decisive way.

Now, I’d really appreciate if you could put aside that “perfect streak” gimmick for a week. In fact, losing your next game would play in your favour, as most people would then think you are not invincible.

Haha. That would be good. So just go ahead and fool everybody by losing your next home game. Okay?.. Okay, friends?

Thank you.

Third And Ten

What is "survine?"

....um, we gave up months ago on the Kanga Kucha language form.....

Buono must have connections with some really good QB scouts down in the USA or something.