What A Weekend

What a weekend for football I don't recall a weekend where all 8 teams played football. And the total score difference 9 points. That is an average of 2.5 points a game. This weekend is exactly why I love the Cfl Honestly. and as a ticat fan who supported Glenn since his first time coming off the bench I loved seeing him throw a 500+ game. THank you CFL what a weekend

I absolutley agree! The CFL is a very exciting game compared to the NFL.
3 downs, 1 less player, bigger field, real kick returns.
Man if I was running the NFL I would take a good hard look at adopting the 3 down game, it makes for one awesome game!!
Doc 8)

And dont foget McMaster winning by one point in O/T , on a penalty no less!

and Laval beating MTA 73 to 7

I couldn't agree more. I think you mean 1 more player though. I would add unlimited backfield motion to one of the plusses of the CFL.


Only thing that would have made it better... A TC win. :smiley:

One less player?

I was biting my tongue on that one. . .

Other that it being incorrect since the CFL has one additional player on the field for each team. . .mixing up “less” and “fewer” grates on my nerves almost as much as mixing up “then” and “than”.


You nailed it.

I would have to say though, out of all the Ti-Cats games I've watched over the last few years that game was the closest to winning without actually winning. Sounds weird/dumb but thats the way it felt after the game... Everyone (including quite a few fans here) predicted a blow out for Montreal. if it wasnt for that turn over at the end of the first half that game would have been ours...