What a weekend for my son and me!

Just thought I would let me Ticat friends know that I will be singing the national anthems again tonight this time before the Leafs vs Wings game on H.N.I.C. on CBC at 7:00 pm if you want to check it out. Then church in the morning and then off to the Eastern Final. What a weekend for my son and me!

Refuse to watch the leafs but i’ll tune in for sure. Church cuts into my ability to sleep in.
As the song goes ‘2 outta 3 aint bad’ :wink:

I don't watch the Leafs either except on Sportscentre highlights but I'll agree to watch some full games if MLSE buys the Argos and plays at a BMO Field that can do Canadian football or if MLSE agrees to a lease at BMO Field that can do Canadian football, for a new owner for the Argos that is therefore supported by MLSE. Not that MLSE could care less if I'm a fan or not, they have enough fans for their teams, but what the heck, I'll put that out there anyways. :wink:

Have a great time RevClark!

That's great revclark! I hope this - that happened at the Leafs game Tuesday - doesn't happen to you tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s pretty nice.

Doesn’t surprise me that Torontonians would know the US anthem they’re practically a US city. Now if they knew the Canadian anthem I’d be shocked :wink:

Prepare to be shocked Ryan - lol

[url=http://video.mapleleafs.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=452304]http://video.mapleleafs.nhl.com/videoce ... ?id=452304[/url]

Colours me shocked..

Probably had the words on the scoreboard or somethin :wink:

Sorry Reverend.

Today is the wife's birthday, and I, a notorious, non-big spender, am taking her to Tucker's Marketplace for her free dinner. :slight_smile: I'll be wearing my black OSKEE WEE WEE t-shirt I received at the November 8 game so if anyone who reads this is there tonight give me a high 5. I am also a notorious non-believer, so church is out of the question for me. :oops: But I will be in my appointed pew at THF at kickoff time, ready to do my part as one of many notorious 13th men in attendance. :wink:

Best of luck tonight Reverend. I hope you do your best for all who watch and join you in singing Canada's song. :rockin:

let’s hope also that this doesn’t happen to you as well :lol:

8) Hey Mike, you can't go wrong for your wife's free birthday dinner at Tucker's Marketplace !!
  Always great buffet food at that place, and even better when her  meal is free !!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->
8) Hey Ryan, I won't watch the joke leafs either, but at least you can watch the second half of the double header,
  with a real team....The Chicago Blackhawks !! <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

  I will try and catch the Reverend though.

We’ll go next month on my birthday so she can return the favour (or is that flavour?). :lol: :lol: :lol: All I can say is they better have Nanaimo bars tonight or there’ll be hell to pay. :wink:

Good luck Rev. I won't be able to watch. We get Montreal and Boston for the early game.

Great job tonight Rev....

Nicely done!


Wow Rev! You've got one great set of pipes! Powerful voice! Well done!

That was better than pretty good. Athletes aren’t the only ones with God given talent. :thup:

I recorded the start of the game and just watched it. Very nicely done. You should be doing our home games all the time. Since the leafs won, are they asking you back??!! :thup:

All I can say is what a weekend for my son and me. Thanks for all the nice complements everybody. Been singing for the Leafs since 2000 usually a few times a year. M.L.S.E. has always been great to me. I recognize some of you feel very strongly otherwise.

I have volunteered to sing our anthem for free for the Cats more than once to no avail but that's okay I just wanted to help and I do have some experience at doing it.

Having said that, after church we headed to THF. Then my son and I sang the anthem loud and proud from our seats at THF yesterday before the EDF and WHAT A GREAT GAME. My son and I loved it!

Every team my son and I cheer for won on the weekend from Alabama to the Leafs, the Raptors, Ticats (our favourite) and my Cowboys in the NFL even came back to win. My son is a Ravens fan so he is waiting till tonight. (Sorry, we don't like soccer)

Anyway, I'm up again against the Wings on HNIC on December 13th if anyone would like to catch it.........

THOUGH..... we will most definitely be focusing on The Grey Cup and cheer like crazy hoping for the win. My son was born in 98 so he doesn't remember 99 therefore that would make THE PERFECT ending to this season!!!! GO CATS GO!!!!!!! Bring home the CUP!!!!!

Gee isn’t that something :smiley: My son is also a RAVIN’ RAVEN fanatic. My son was born in 94 and even though he was only 5 at the time,he say he remembers the 99 Cat victory. The both of us also enjoyed the game tremendously and screamed our faces off as well as rocking my 87 yr old mothers 60+ yr old cowbell and honking on our horns. Unlike you though I almost had a perfect weekend as my Islanders won back to back against the Penguins,the Cats(everybodies FAVOURITE :smiley: ) were victorious but my sons Ravens beat my Saints on Monday night :cry: . Although I detest all things Leafs and can’t stand watching them,I did tune in for the Anthem.
GREAT JOB :thup: And I’ll 2nd your PERFECT ending to the season !!! GO CATS GO !!! Let’s bring home that CUP!!!