What a way to end the season at Empire!

Damn that was a good game! Had just about everything in it. Most importantly, a Lions win! They didn't make it easy on those with heart problems once again though. And what a great day for a football game too.

Yep. It sure was! Saw it on the big 52" in HD but would have loved to be there in person. The weather was excellent, the atmosphere electrifying from what I could tell. Glad you were able to be there.

And during the last minute or so of the game when they had to review who touched the ball last as it was going out of bounds after the Riders tried a short kickoff? NO WAY the Rider touched the ball while it was still in bounds. I don’t care how many angles the cameras showed. Not one camera angle showed that he did. There were two officials within a couple of feet looking straight at the players hand, the ball and the white sideline stripe. Great call by the refs!

if you can live long enough you might get a few breaks - no gaurentee on that though . . .

Why was Sask. given the ball to start the 3rd quarter, considering they got the ball to start the game.

You have to tip your cap to the Lions, for a well-deserved victory over Saskatchewan. :thup: :thup:

Despite being decimated by injuries to key players on both lines in the first half of the season (Sherko, Aaron Hunt, Steve Williams, Andrew Jones, Dominie Pittman, and a few others I can't remember) the coaches have found solid replacements. And veterans like Angus Reid and Brent Johnson have really stepped up. And just look at the years Cory Banks, Solomon Elemimian and Dante Marsh have had. In the second half of the year we've had big contributions from Yonus Davis, Dave Hyland, Franks, Reddick, Adam Leonard and Khalif Mitchell. In my opinion we have the toughest hitters on defence in the entire league. Aaron Hunt really had a big impact today, all but shutting down Wes Cates and picking off a shuffle pass. And who isn't impressed with the season Paul McCallum has had.

As he gets experience and gains more confidence, I think Travis Lulay will get better and better. He needs to be a little more consistent, have a little bit more accuracy on longer throws and continue to use his running ability to be successful. And as he develops he'll learn to throw more balls away to avoid sacks. Fans who complain about him getting sacked need only remember Casey Printers' seven turnovers in 38 minutes earlier in the year. Eating the ball may not look good but it avoids turnovers, making dumb decisions or throwing the ball late over the middle.

When our the consistency of our offence catches up to the defence and special teams we'll have another championship caliber team here on the wet coast.

Who knows what will happen next week, or if we're fortunate enough to have another shot at the Riders in two weeks. But the Lions are definitely peaking at the right time. But for a couple of heartbreaking losses in OT we'd be 8 and 1 in our last nine. And much of the credit has to go to Wally, Roy Shivers and the other coaches for finding guys that could help us quickly, after a brutal start. People shouldn't underestimate what Wally has accomplished here: Unlike teams like Hamilton and Toronto, who were basically eastern conference door mats for almost a decade, Buono and the coaches have turned us into a competitive team in just half a season.

Excuse me for looking too far ahead, but IMO next year the key for the organization will be to get as many of the key guys on both sides of the ball signed for at least a couple more years. I really think that if we get a little less bad luck with injuries next year we could go all the way, if we keep this group together. With Angus Reed likely to hang em up, finding a veteran center will be a priority. We really have to make sure that difference makers like Solomon Elimimian and Yonus Davis don't get away, by offering them contracts that reflect their value to the team. But I fear that both of them have been so good that the NFL will make them offers the Lions can't match. And although we've been better since we got McGrath and Newman we still need can get better and more consistent in pass protection and run blocking. And we need to find ways to react faster when teams are shredding us on the ground, the way Edmonton did two weeks ago and when Fred Reed eviscerated us last year.

Another uncertainty for next year is how much long Paul McCallum wants to keep playing, and how will that affect Sean Whyte, who has been incredibly patient a he waits for his turn to shine.

Maybe the biggest question is: How much longer does Wally want to do both the head coach and GM jobs? And if he does step down as head coach, do we promote from within with Chapedelaine or Benevides? It'll be interesting to se what plays out nest year.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

When I read this I thought you were mistaken, but WOW, you’re right.

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/76_2010_cfllive_playbyplay.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... yplay.html[/url]

I would also like to know, lol.

So get this quote from Durant that was in todays Regina paper… (Nov 2)

“This game meant nothing to us. We just wanted to get some consistency and try to figure out what we can use against B.C., if we happen to play them again (in the West Division semifinal on Nov. 14).”

Can you believe a starting QB would turn around and say this for all the team’s fans to read. LIONS need to be in that playoff game and kick rider butt… then see what Mr. Durant has to say!!

The most logical explanation is that Sask won the toss and deferred their choice to the second half, and for whatever reason B.C. chose to kick off rather than take the ball at the start of the game. Usually if the toss-winning team defers to the second half, the other team takes the ball to start the game on the assumption that the deferring team will choose to take the ball to start the second half. Sometimes teams care more about when they go into and against the wind but I assume that was not the case on Sunday?

So it means nothing yet they wanted to do something with the game? DOES NOT COMPUTE

I’m not sure who won the toss, as i was just getting to my seats during the kickoff. When BC kicked off to start the 3rd i was guessing that the Lions decided to take the wind in the 4th rather than receive the kick to start the half. Just my guess.