What a trip!!!!!!

hello all,

Miss me? What an unbelievable trip! It was awesome. Everyone should try the cross Canada trip. I'm currently in Calgary but head back to Vancouver in a few hours.

Seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time plus 3 CFL games and 7 rounds of golf and lots of drinking made it an unforgettable holiday. I think I'm gonna need a holiday from my holidays.

Highlight of the trip had to have been flying with the Lions to Regina and chatting with them after the Gades game 2 weeks later and they actually remembered me from the flight.

People across Canada are unique in their own way but are truly Canadian. Glad I got to experience this and would recommend it to anyone if you have the time and money.

I will be in Edmonton for the Lions' game on the 24th so that will make it 8 straight Lions games in a row that I have attended. Doesn't get any better than that.

Sucks being away for a couple of weeks, don't really have time to read the posts that I have missed.

My goal when I retire and have the house paid for, is to go to a CFL game in every CFL city and culminate this with going to the GC that year. This is a dream I have and hopefully by then, about 12 years from now, somewhere out east there will be a team also.

Good to know that you had a good trip LB, keep on tracking! tare care

Sounds like a trip full of good times. I have somewhat of the same goal. Earl. Might try to do it before I retire. I'm 23 so retirement is way too long away to even think about. If only i had the $$$

Glad that you had a GREAT time and are safe.......and B.C....... is still undeated as you know............how was..... THE HIP, and the STONES?

Sounds like a great time, Lionbacker! Glad you enjoyed it.

Thats amazing Lionbacker. A couple of years back I did Edmonton, Calgary & B.C. and that was great. But, you certainly topped that.

I'll have to say I had so much fun at games in Regina, Ottawa and Winnipeg. The fans were awesome and we did some drinking and partying. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what city I go to for a CFL game, the fans have been fun to party with, win or lose.

I've heard alot of horror stories about visiting fans but I have never experienced a bad time. Hopefully in the near future I can visit every stadium in one season.

I've been lucky on My road trips too. I saw Toronto in Calgary a few years ago and Sask in Edmonton three years ago, and the Calgary and Edmonton fans were great...(Although I was pretty neutral) The big test will be in two weeks. I've signed the deal with the wife and I'll be watching a BC away game at Commonwealth.

I'll be in Edmonton for the Lions game on the 24th as well Sportmen. I'll be in Section R.