What a Tailgate...Thanks Ticats Brass for letting it happen

How about that pregame tailgate on Saturday, everyone did a great job with, creating a fun place to pregame, clean up after themselves and having the beverages in plastic cups and offering cups to those who did have. Lot J was packed, families throwing footballs, all kinds of food being cooked and everyone having a great time.

Most importantly, thanks to the Ticats management for letting tailgating still happen in Lot J.
The great thing I see is the regular tailgaters understand that we're allowed and not entitled to tailgate and
set the example and those who come follow along. By taking care of each other we create a great culture
of tailgaters...if I do say so myself!...lol

I look forward to keeping the good times rolling with everyone we tailgated with in Lot J.
Here's to next year!

Jare- :cowboy:

P.S.: I'm thinking about getting Lot J Tailgater's t-shirts made for next season as a
CFL Fans Fight Cancer Fundraiser, who's interested?

I don't want to take from your party and i walked threw the park and seen many ole friends and met new ones ...

Here is the deal Jare .... Great party im gald they let us party ....But the broken bottles and the coals left from bar b ques left in the park is uncalled for hole old bar b ques left behind ... and will end up creating grief for those who respectfully keep the peace and clean up a broken beer bottle ...The city was at the park no later then 9am Monday morning and cleaned up the left overs of left over food dump the garbage bins so forth ..But they cant clean up little broken glass shards in more then one area ...I told a guy after the game take your empty's he yells over F@#$ u to me on Melrose ave .OK but when the city and police start giving grief to the fans that are respectful and most are very respectful.. We need some sort of NO Glass policy in that park its not fair after the ticat fans are gone i have to watch my dog or my children that much closer because some ignorant fans that can't take the time after a win or loss to clean up and leave the park the way you found it ...We plan for a big party get all are meats ready and beer and make all the arrangements but then forget we need to do something with the coals ? lol Or how to clean up broken glass its simple don't bring it ...The glass a real issue when minor baseball is played at this park and next year some kid falls during playing in a safe park cuts his leg on glass that just sat below the grass.. Its all about the kids is it not ..Most of the fans at this park are heavy involved in Tigercat football ...13man club and box j boys and more that im going to forget but you leaders need to step up a little more to prevent this kind of disrespectful fans to put our local children and animals at risk for a pregame party ..I no jare you do your part but something has to be done before these little complaints become huge issues over safety of our children should be first and allways first ...

What a day ...i don't want to sound like a dick but Its the little things that open up doorways for bigger things and events leading up to Tigercat games .. Tailgating is becoming more and more popular with fans everywhere with the prices of beer and the opportunity to raise money for much needed charity work ... This can't continue like this .
Couple simple rules get tossed out

No glass bottles what so ever ...
No Attitude
No dumping coals right in the middle of the field ?

Something to ponder for the off season maybe a couple cops or someone to just patrol maybe inform people that don't do the research on what you should bring and what not to bring to the LOT J party at scott park ..
It will create a safer area for everyone and let the Tailgate parties continue for years to come untill the old IWS is gone ....

Keep up the good Work Jare with CFL Fans Fight Cancer Fundraiser activities ......

Good posts.
From what I saw, everyone had cups or cans. Felt a lot like a campsite really -- didn't notice anyone with glass. But, that's pretty uncool if broken glass wasn't cleaned up.

Really, it should be pretty common sense to keep glass stuff either at home, or (if using bottles for mixing) packed away from the action -- protected from flying footballs and frizbees.

That was a great tailagte!

WIthout the Labour Day hype of bands and Y108 ( which is great!), this grass rooots tailgate has got to the best ever at Scott Park. Never seen so many. I hope it keeps getting bigger and better the next five years, and wherever the new stadium goes, I really hope there is a place for it. it adds a special buzz to the Ti-Cats that you just can't get anywhere else.

Totally agree, we can't leave Scott Park any less cleaner then when we found it.

I try to diplomatically let people know the way things roll and everyone I talk to are receptive.

There will always be knuckle heads though which sucks for those who understand the code.
You know I would not hesitate to let the police know who is drinking out of glass bottles after
I offered them a cup and refused.

We have to keep the Park clean, I would hate to think kids got hurt because of our

All I can say is we need to keep self policing the tailgate, let new people know what's up, and
suggest to those with coal fired BBQ's to dipose of the coals in such a way that it does not
damage the property.

It was a great day over all though eh?

I remember early on the Police would make the rounds in a very friendly manner reminding people of their presence and making sure there were no signs of bottles around. I'm all for a rerturn of such a presence.

Just thought I would add, I have a colleague here in Winnipeg who has seasons tickets to the Bombers but is on the verge of not renewing them. Why? Partly due to Kelly the clown but also the clamping down of security on the pre-game tailgating. And from what I know of this colleague, it's not like they run rampant at their tailgate party. They just enjoy the chance to sit in the sun, have a few drinks and a BBQ. But for some reason, perhaps the ever old "liability", the organization here is curtailing the tailgate parties in the parking lot.

On top of that, security is also clamping down on those who try to bring a coffee or a bottle of water to the game. As my colleague says...they're taking the fun out of going to the game. Attending a football game is not just sitting in the stands. It has the potential to be an all day event but if people are made to feel unwelcome, they may not attend the game at all.

That was cool. What’s funny is where our crew started it…in the empty parking lot beside Copps Coliseum!! We all met up there and were bombing footballs around. Was fun. Then we went to Scott Park.

The urban tailgate is kinda cool. I think its got something unique about it-- maybe even better than that massive, no-mans-land asphalt paking lot.

Was a very special great Day for sure ....

Regarding empties.

What we do is leave the empites (unbroken of course) in bags near the fence, there are a few local homeless guys that make there passes through our site while we're tailgating. They don't bother anyone and clean up our empties for us.

They will have the whole place cleaned out of empties by morning.

It's the twits that break them that need there head rung.

Let's just try to encourage everyone to bring cans and if they must bring bottles be careful and put them where they can be picked up.

If we all pull together and offer cups now and again to new tailgaters and explain why we do this, we'll be able to keep tailgating going in Lot J for a long time.

LMAO...it had actually crossed my mind, however two wrongs dont make a right. I doubt that the guilty parties even come on this site but maybe they will hear about it and feel guilty enough that they wise up next year. :wink: