What a surprise... no Argos/CFL

I was picking up my daughter at Arrivals at Pearson Airport today (Terminal 3) and across from the arrivals gate is an information booth. The back wall has a video wall highlighting various Toronto landmarks, tourist attractions, some ads (ie, credit cards) and other “facts? and odds and ends. It also listed Toronto sports teams...

The Blue Jays
The Raptors
The... Argos/CFL.

Not a chance. Completely ignored.
Even had horse racing shown.

I thought it disgusting the Argos would not be listed as a Toronto sports “asset?.

I realize the CFL gets short thrift in Toronto but to have a major corporation such as Pearson International Airport ignore a Canadian institution IMO is disgusting.

(Though blame can probably be lain at the media group that created the presentation, an anti-CFL bias on the part some of the media employees. But someone at the Airport authority had to have signed off on the content, if not, it shows negligence.)

I’ll search to see if there is an appropriate contact to “gracefully? lodge a complaint.

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This is nothing new, we've been dealing with this ____ since forever. Hopefully the MLSE purchase will change things, and the A logo will be displayed along with the leaf, leaf with crown, ball-claw and TFC shield.

No mention of Rock either ?

Talk about neglect.

Doh!!! I forgot to mention that the Leafs were also absent. Talk about an oversight by the Airport management!!!

If the area you are speaking of involves paying for advertising space and the Argos didn't participate, then I can see how they get left out. However if the city/Pearson is just making a list of local assets and leaves out the Argos, then that's a definite snub.

Does sound odd longtimetcfan. Give us an update if you find out if it was an oversight or there was another reason.

It's an airport run by whomever that probably doesn't know their ars... from a hole in the ground and from some different country that has a "hate on" for football and hockey, or doesn't know what a hockey puck or gridiron football looks like, despite the history of Toronto's franchises in both sports. Yikes! Mind you they probably don't even know what the word history means.

Agree though, maybe there is another reason but it does seem like an strange oversight.

But Aerial,

Aren't you a little suspicious that horse racing was featured in the video as well? Horse racing? A Calgary connection maybe? Could it be that those who created the video are Calgary Stampeder covert loyalist fans? HAHA. Ahhh... the plot thickens. I'm bored out of my mind today and when bored why not create a conspiracy? It helps pass the time.

True enough beagle. This is actually very funny, not all that important really, but very funny what the deal is. :slight_smile:

Horse racing? Synonymis with gambling really.

Could be somebody in charge to "do this" just took it upon themselves to get this signage done and upper management there didn't care so the worker just put up there what they wanted. Too funny! And the Rock for sure should have been mentioned.

they also didn't mention the iconic Maple Leafs. No surprise. They too are too "Canadian" for Toronto who try to act like a world city

I suspect horse racing got included since some airport employee probably pointed out you pass right over Woodbine race track when either landing or taking off from Pearson. The track just 3 km or so from the end of one of the main runways.

I wouldn't think too much of it. A small percentage of people are flying into Toronto to watch CFL or any sport, for that matter, which isn't related to a hosted multi-sport event like the Olympics. Promotion along public transit corridors are important. If the airport is truly a concern, then focus should be centered on the Pearson Line/UP Express artery, actual accommodation travel guides, and leisure brochures which point to mobile apps.

I think the OP was expressing that it was odd that other Toronto sports teams were displayed while our uniquely Canadian CFL game and its local team the Argos (champions, no less) - didn’t get any mention. It’s either a careless oversight or a snub.

Ask the owner why the Argos aren't there.

Probably some employee who is jealous of the long history of the Leafs and Argos. My guess, pure snub.

Does the owner typically reply to these types of questions?

I don't believe so

Like some have said, it will be interesting now to see if the MLSE ownership will result in more exposure to include merchandise?
Me thinks not as it is purely a US wannabe here in the city.

In the past, if/when I have been in a sport's store and NOT seen any CFL merchandise, I always say to the manager, "I wanted to buy something but you don't have any CFL merchandise".

Not sure if it has had any affect but it can't hurt.

But Kevin, you might be hurting the proprietor as they may be trying to "forget the past" of what a Grey Cup and CFL is, for whatever reason. :wink:


I just hope the owner thinks twice next time he orders product for his store.