What a surprise... no Argos/CFL

I was picking up my daughter at Arrivals at Pearson Airport today (Terminal 3) and across from the arrivals gate is an information booth. The back wall has a video wall highlighting various Toronto landmarks, tourist attractions, some ads (ie, credit cards) and other “facts? and odds and ends. It also listed Toronto sports teams...

The Blue Jays
The Raptors
The... Argos/CFL.??? Not a chance. Completely ignored.
Even had horse racing shown.

I thought it disgusting the Argos would not be listed as a Toronto sports “asset?.

I realize the CFL gets short thrift in Toronto but to have a major corporation such as Pearson International Airport ignore a Canadian institution IMO is disgusting.

(Though blame can probably be lain at the media group that created the presentation, an anti-CFL bias on the part some of the media employees. But someone at the Airport authority had to have signed off on the content, if not, it shows negligence.)

I’ll search to see if there is an appropriate contact to “gracefully? lodge a complaint.

Forgot to mention the more egregious an omission was the absence of the Leafs as a Toronto sports attraction. Not that I’m a Leafs fan or anything ?

I bought an official CFL lanyard at the Grey Cup game that Toronto was playing in. On the inside of that lanyard it has the CFL (horrendously ugly) logo, the Grey Cup Logo and the logos of 8 of the 9 teams in the league. The one that is missing is Toronto. And this is not a one of. I checked half a dozen lanyards and they were all the same. I mentioned this to the girl at the checkout and she she is aware of it, but the lanyards were not the only thing that happened on. She told they have shot glasses with the exact same omission.

Hanlon's razor

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Hopefully that will change with the new marketing plans set up through the transfer of the team to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment anything is better than what they have at present time and hopefully more fans in the stands at BMO field next season and season ticket sales.

The Argo brass must love it when our Tabbies come to town to play in T.O. because the great fan support of the Ti-Cats through the GTA and GO Transit follows and adds more screaming fans than the double blew team.

GO CATS GO IN 2018!!!

this just made my day.

Nor sure what is more troublesome, the omission or the fact a TICAT FAN is pointing it out?