What a surprise! JOSEPH STILL SUCKS!

I already know there is gonna be more than 1 million excuses for him! But... I've said it before, I'll say it again... and I'll say it until people pull their heads out of their a$$'es and accept that Kerry Joseph SUCKS! It doesn't matter if he's in Ottawa, Regina or hell lets put him in the World Football League. Just because a QB can rush for as many yards as a RB or HB, doesn't make him a good QB. Sure he has his moments where even I say "we'll maybe"... and then "BANG" he wakes me up with a typical "WTF was that?!?!" kinda play. HE IS NOT A 1ST STRING QB. I will admit, put him behind someone like Dickenson or Allen and maybe, JUST MAYBE, he may develope some talent. But for now, he still stinks! Sorry Regina fans! You guys gave up a great player for a over qualified ball boy!

I laughed then at the Sask. fans who thought Joseph was gonna be the savior, and am laughing even harder now. The guy can't pass over 7-8 yards to save his life. I was screaming at Paopao last year to put Banks in, but Joseph was part of Paopao's little clique, so...

the rider defence didnt help thier cause

Hey hey. Joseph got robbed. That was an incomplete pass not a fumble!! Talk about grasping at straws. What friggin difference would challenging that play on video review make at this point?

well i think he was better protected in ottawa. this was an embarrassing effort from many people on the riders including our seasoned veterans on the o-line who looked like a bunch of rookies out there

Well said!

Game is out of control, why not put in your second string guy? However the defensive play was just TERRIBLE, what happened to this so called "one of the best defenses in the league" Well BC is either really good or Sask is really bad.

BC is really good. Still, give Joseph time. You may be right, but one game with a new team, and a bunch of games with a crappy team are hardly enought to tell.

well well well..would ya look at this..it looks like the riders have some problems of their own..the riders d looks like crap-the bombers on the other hand shut down the best qb and offense in the league..even tho u scored 28 ots..u gave up 2wice as many(looks like watchin a bomber game last year)..what happened to "we got kerry joseph, we guaranteed the grey cup now" doesnt look like joseph was the answer last night..sorry guys, better luck next time

B.C. have a great team , still.

SASK. defence is still suspect as I said that it would be!

I think that SASK. and JOE. will do better as the season goes on.

hey, even calgary had a slow start last year...maybe sask will be .500ish until labourday, then put a streak together.

Some say that the real CFL season starts on LABOUR DAY!

Best defence in the league? Oh! You must be thinking of the Eskimos defence.

One game does not make a season, although I didnt care for the way the secondary played so soft. My grandma can make those plays when the corners are playing 8 yards off the receivers.

I said awhile back that I had reservations about Joseph and the riders would finish 4th in the division.... havent seen a thing to change my mind yet... seems like KJ and Armstead are out of sync, which is surprising considering they played together last year. As for the running , its tough to run when you are behind by that much at halftime... Dickenson had loads of time to throw, no pass rush to speak of, at least what I saw of the game, but I didnt have time to watch the rest of the game. the Riders should have worn bright orange, they did a masterful imitation of pylons last night...

...Kevin Glenn proved to me last night... after watching both games....that he is definitely a better qb. than Kerry Joseph...something i said all along sambo..Glenn might choke (he'll straighten that out) but based on performance i take Glenn over KJ anyday...Riders stunk B.C. place out last night :thdn: ...the Bombers on the other hand...well the effort speaks for itself... :thup:...we had a very good team on the ropes...next time the Bombers deliver the coup' de grace'...

You have to remember papa, it was only one game... lets see how they stack up after a 3rd of the season is done... and Montreal had a lot of starters missing from that game, and it wasnt the Als best performance either, and I said it in another post, Montreal played to the level of their opponent..

...bring it on... :lol:


u also pick saskatchewan to finish second though sambo.

but hey guys, Joseph had no time, similar situation for winnipeg tonight. Saskatchewan has a proven awsome line. but look what happend, they didnt have a great game at all. and saskatchewan does have one of the top three defences in the league based on last season, looks like they kind of choked. but Joseph was also on a new team and new offense. give it some time. once the line displays what they can do Jospeh will loook a little better. for winnipeg our line was sposed to be great this year, but they clearly need time to gel. saskatchewan will do fine. that may sound wierd coming from a bomber fan lol

the Riders should have worn bright orange, they did a masterful imitation of pylons last night...
That would have been just great with BOTH teams in bright orange.