What a suprise

With a joke of a old QB AND THE WORSE OL in the league...thank - god the defence kept us in the game...We all have to agree about the coaching in the 1st quarter was done by a drunk...talk about "AA' ...I'm done after 46 years since I was 3 cheering for the Cats...I'm done...I'm cheeing for the ARGOS!!!

Thank god the defense kept us in it?



Yeah because if the defense didn't keep us in it, we would have won in a blow out and would have had something to watch on TV on Friday.

Clearly, Creehan's plan was predicated on the scoreboard at Skydump rolling over to 0 when a team hits 3 digits. That would have given us the win!!

Go ahead and cheer for the Argos...switch to their boards anytime. Good luck in the playoffs.

We scored 40 points.

We lost.

The defence kept us in it?

Who's drunk?

At least 14 points were on turnovers especially the pick 6 as the offence didn't help out the defence