What a season!

Here and now, let me be the first to eat my share of crow.

I questioned Tim Burke's ability as a D.C. but the defense stood tall the whole season long. They got some key stops in the second half of the GC game, giving our O the chance to get on track. Brown came up with a crucial fourth-quarter pick and Cox had a key sack. Cox was beaten by Fantuz on Sask's first TD but redeemed himself with a great game otherwise.

I'm glad I was wrong about our D. :rockin: :rockin:

I agree. It is definately a season to remember. Best record in Franchise History, and also a first shutout in so many seasons. A lot of Milestones were met this season as well.

Its amazing, before last season we were scratching our heads wondering why a fellow named Marc Trestman got the Head Coach job, and here we are the following season, with a Grey Cup.

It is so easy to be a fan of this team!

I like you publicly call for Burke to be removed after last season with our lame D, but it appears it was only in transition and i was also quite wrong, that D is one of the best i have seen the Als align.

I think Trestman had something to do with the improved defense.

I think Popp had a fair bit to do with the defence getting better as well kudos to him for bringing in talent like Billy Parker and Gerald Brown. For all but a couple of games they were absolute money in the bank. They have a great understanding of the position and it is hard to ask for more from them. They cover so well, hit like trucks and can come down with the picks when the opportunity is there all in their first year. I also really liked the work of Mark Estell this year. I was not a huge fan of his I felt that he relies a bit too much on clutch and grab techniques and gets beaten if teams try to challenge him but he really stepped up his game this year

As dominant as Stewart, Bowman, Williams and Wilson were this year, they were able to pile up the numbers they did in good part because of the excellent coverage they were getting downfield. Our secondary was easily our most improved aspect this year and we got 2 starting canadians in there plus Emry as the MLB

Definitely. It’s on record that he wanted more aggressive man coverage this season, which gratified me because the soft-zone vanilla surprise drove me crazy in 2008! :lol: